Monday, September 9, 2013


Sometimes don't you feel like the to-do list is overwhelming?
There seems to be mess on every flat surface
and some of the vertical ones too.

Sometimes you have to work hard to maintain 
an oasis of calm in the midst of crazy crazy busyness.

Our home is messy at the best of times,
but multiple deadlines and the beginning of packing
seems to have pushed it to new heights.

A poorly kidlet and one who keeps unpacking what you packed,
combined with the never ending laundry mountain,
leaves the living room with no space to live.

Unless an angel appears, a miracle will have to happen
before I can cook the dinner.
We are trying to use up all the stuff in the freezer
so lamb mince will be teamed with the seemingly endless frozen veges.

Meanwhile my head is full to the brim of the treaty,
of shield law and of global sport and religion
all mixed up with, must remember to pack the cotton buds in the take with us pile.

They say things sometimes have to get worse before they get better,
but I'm hoping that we can find moments of peace
in the great craziness that is this last semester of the year.

Because if we wait till the jobs are all done,
there is going to be no rest at all and that's a recipe for meltdown in my book!

Now excuse me while I turn a blind eye to all this mess
and climb onto the sofa for a cuddle with the sick kidlet.


  1. I would rather spend an afternoon in your home that a home with everything in its place. Homes like that make me feel nervous and unwelcome. And at the end of our lives, nobody is going to wish they kept a tidier home.

  2. Deb whatever you do, if it all gets too much ask for help. Never be too proud to do this. I know exactly how you feel and that is something I didn't do. I struggled through and did it myself. Having said that it is just as well I am not working because I lost the plot and it is still taking time for me to come back to some sort of "normal" feeling. I felt like I crashed and burned.
    Thankfully you have an amazing circle of friends who will be there for you in the blink of an eye, you will only have to say.
    I would offer to help also but honestly I am dreading shifting back into our place at Xmas time and I don't want to see another box.
    Your home is always exactly that, a home. A house with a family filled with warmth and love.

  3. Deb! How stressful... We are experiencing a rather difficult period too, hoping that the quote you used is true! I may just hold onto that one... Big hugs to you, lovely xxx

  4. How I stay organized and am still attempting to train my husband of 24 years. Every item in a home has a home (location ). And when it leaves its home it will be immediately returned to is home as soon as said item is finished being used... That way you always know where every single item is located and it cuts the clutter to minimum and the kids items do not appear everywhere except where they should be. Works for husband always makes messes looking for stuff and I ask him. Where was it last time you looked for it. And he answers and I reply. Then that is where it should be if not too lost it. Of course then he goes to said spot and it magically appears their. Thank goodness I knew how to return it to its home when he never replaced it their. Or every item the man owned would we no where ever to be found

  5. You've said bad things have happened recently. I hope that everything settles for you in the middle of this great unsettling and you can snatch some moments of peace and serenity!

  6. I feel like this a lot of the time. It seems to be never-ending cleaning and laundry and crazy children. Sometimes I tell myself that this is just the way it is and I can only do what I can do. That life is pretty great considering what is going on around the world. Perhaps I need this posted on my wall.

    I've often thought about getting a helping hand now and then. It seems like a good idea. Hope you find some help too. Big Hugs.

  7. i totally understand! there's been a huge pile of laundry to fold on my couch for 5 days now. and tonight, i cuddled with my kids instead. :)
    i love you heart, deb!

  8. I know that feeling all too well....Sending you lots of love and hugs xoxoxo


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