Monday, September 2, 2013

Perfection is over-rated...

Something Kirsten said on Twitter the other day, 
made me start thinking about my view of my world. 
My world is full of family, sewing and study.

My world is bright and colourful and a bit chaotic.

My world is messy and a bit chaotic.
Vouchers that expired in March still languish on the fridge.

The ironing piles overflows in the hallway, waiting for a miracle.

The dummy we successfully took from Annie,
is well and truly part of her life again.
It turned out we valued sleep more than principles.

There are oasis's of clean and tidy (the bench is stained it's clean I promise)
but when you turn around, there is mess galore as well....

Just stuff sitting on the bench, left from breakfast, 
yesterday's lunch container, Sunday's breakfast teapots, always stuff.

But the children are loved and disciplined, we eat pretty healthy
dinners that we mostly cook from scratch.

There's lots of love and colour in this house,
it's messy, it's a bit crazy and it's all a bit small,
but you know, I love it. I'm grateful for all the mess and the colour,
and I love all the people in my world.

Who cares if it's not perfect? 
If you come to my house, you will probably make your own cup of tea,
but then you can sit down at the table and we will chat about
the things that matter and the things that don't,
you will be loved in this house.

And that is what's perfect, love covers a multitude of faults!


  1. Sounds like the perfect place to be to me! :)
    Anne xx

  2. Perfect is what we see in magazine pages - rooms styled to an inch of their lives full of everything in matching fashionable colours and trendy knick knacks. Imperection is our kids art, untrendy colours and furniture, the day to day stuff that makes a home feel loved,lived in and welcoming.

  3. Your home is so interesting and colourful... I love looking at photos of your rooms to see what you've added. What a fun place to live!

  4. Well said Deb! I feel the same way about my own home.

  5. yes indeed perfectly imperfect - and full of love and welcome x

  6. Perfectly cozy and welcoming! That's my kind of perfect :-)

  7. I love this post. I have (finally) come to the conclusion that with small people in the house my home will never be as I like it and that things will get better. Your home looks loved, lived in and cosy. xo

  8. I would love to come to your house and make some tea! And I would bring Annie a brand new dummy because our babies grow up way too fast. One day that dummy will bring tears of nostalgia to your eyes.

    I am glad you chose the dummy over sleep.

  9. My house is usually messy too, too many important things to do on the Bernina or the needles to keep the house tidy; though at the moment the spring clean bug has bitten me. The likelihood is it'll wear off before the whole house is done though.

  10. What more could anyone ask for - love, colour, warmth. Beautiful.

  11. Yes! great post :) is there such a thing as a "perfect" family home? it's all relative i think :) Warm, cosy, welcoming, and filled with love and happiness is perfect to me xx

  12. Love it Debs, I have been rearranging my life to be messier lately. That is - instead of cleaning yesterday I went to stitch with friends all day. The house still needs a clean but who cares? My husband and kids don't so why should I stress about that and not do things I enjoy. Life is about balance. I love that you accept that.

  13. Oh DEb, i love you and it would be a great pleasure to sit at your table and chat with you.r
    Xxx Baukje


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