Friday, September 20, 2013

Slow knitting...

I've spent my day buried in text books studying for yet another essay.
Tonight we are going to friends for dinner 
and I'm looking forward to some simple knitting.

I have two Lucinda Guy books and they are both delicious.

This dress might get knitted one day, is there anything cuter than a knitted dress?

With some gifted wool and some opshopped wool,
I am knitting Annie a dressing gown.
It's perfect slow, mindless knitting that I need.
I'm knitting the fronts and back at the same time.

Spring with all its contradictions is full of sunshine and cold,
so a slow knitting project like this will carry me through till the end of
this crazy semester and beyond.

Are you working on a slow project at the moment??
Do tell....


  1. Ooooh a knitted dressing gown sounds divine!
    I'm about to start a knitted tshirt for Lil Miss with lots of stitch stitch....but I also have a cardigan I started last year for me, which I really need to finish...its a really slow knit...probably why I haven't picked it up for a while, that and its knitted in lace weight! Mind you it will be perfect for summer nights :)
    Happy Knitting! :))

  2. I love her books and still have mine from when my daughter was younger and fitted into the clothes size. Now I should knit from them for my nephews and niece who are only little ones. I cant wait to see how your dressing gown turns out.

  3. I'm working on quite a few 'slow' projects (hehe)!

  4. yup - I chose to make a pair of socks for A using 2.25mm needles - yes indeed, snail pace knitting this stage just one 'SO'!LOL! looking for another project that's slightly faster...P did pipe up that she'd like a knitted dress...maybe I'll just go for a knitted doll's dress first...?! Happy mindless knitting - and best wishes for the study XOXO

  5. I've been spinning some silk/merino super fine, it's taken AGES! But it's finished now and I'm so pleased with it, I'll find it hard to crochet up!

  6. I have some super slow knitting. It has been my winter project. Just a scarf but it is in lace weight homespun and dyed merino. 260 stitches and increasing. I don't have to think but only get about 4 rows in a half hour

  7. oh my goodness! that book looks so gorgeous! I agree - knitted dresses are so sweet. And I thought of knitting a dressing gown too - but for me! Alas I couldn't find a decent pattern - shall try again and let you know if I come across one. Just imagine - we would have slow knitting for the next couple of YEARS if we knitted ourselves a dressing gown. p.s need to find me some small girls I can knit a dress for ... hmmm


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