Saturday, September 21, 2013

There's nothing quite like feeding a baby it's bottle is there?

And these babies were adorable.
We went out to our friends in the country for tea
and got there just in time to feed the lambs.

Such cuteness.
Such jockeying for position and stealing of bottles.

These babies were cute but they smelt bad :(
Poor little piggies, the rain had turned their pen to MUD.

Annie was so brave, not one bit afraid of these head butting babies.

Finger sucking, chew your pink shorts babies.

She loved it.

Not sure about my face here, probably was talking.
Also I will get a hair cut after this week.

It was fun in the countryside.
As Annie said, can we go back again sometime??
Luckily it only takes half an hour from our place to be in the country!


  1. Such happiness feeding lambs. For the past few years we have kept a lamb in our suburban backyard over the holidays. Little Miss loves her pet lambs.

  2. They are cute aren't they. There is a paddock full of them just near our house. As for the pigs, my niece works at the local piggery and has been banned from visiting straight from work! xx

  3. Such cute pics. We sometimes have sheep next to our house and love it.

  4. Oh fun! Lambs are just adorable - there are 4 at H's kindy being fed and reared and the children are part of the process and loving every minute of it!

  5. What a fantastic day out! I think farms are wonderful for kids - all of us, really.

  6. Awww! so sweet! And yes they can certainly be pushy for their milk....not so good when you're a boy! hahaha! Lovely pics :))

  7. What fun! Some classic pics Deb!


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