Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We've been living our new life post earthquake for three years now....

It turns out that some of the cliches are true, what doesn't kill you does makes you stronger.
Even the weakest have learnt to cope with things they thought they couldn't cope with,
and the strong have learned they are vulnerable too.
Fear and anxiety is a great leveler in society,
and a shared experience does bring people together.

In spite of myself I have felt my heart remember when it all began,
the visual clues are everywhere of course. A clock with a cracked face.

Once again I try to make sense of how I feel by making something,
and pull out the broken dishes blocks and sew a few.
I realised when I was writing this post that the dress Annie was wearing
in the last post Before, has been cut up and sewn into my broken dishes blocks.
I don't know how long this quilt will take, it doesn't matter.
It's there for when I need it.

Part of feeling whole again, is acknowledging this didn't just happen to us,
it happened to all of New Zealand. 
I was overwhelmed by the stories I read here and here. Thank you.

The past is part of us, but it doesn't define us,
the future really is where we are going.
Slowly but surely we are dusting ourselves off, standing up, moving on.

Maybe it is just because the sun is shining,
but there is a sense, maybe things are going to be ok after all.


  1. Some time passes so quickly and other times it's so slow xx

  2. Hard to believe it's been three years. Wow. I think that Christchurch is emerging changed but really beautiful xx


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