Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A book bag for Annie's Mog books....

Yesterday I popped into Shenleigh's for a coffee
and to make this bag with a piece of fabric that just arrived from Brenda,
it's lined with left-over quilt batting and some flannellette.

Just look at this fabric! How cute it is.
I'm not really a cat fabric fan like some, but this one is perfection.

While I was packing the house,
I kept my eye open for Annie's Mog books, her wee collection scattered
far and wide through out the house!

 I like to put books together like this in an easy to find bag,
we still have the Goldilocks basket I made and Annie uses it all the time.

Mog books by Judith Kerr and filled with delightful drawings

And really lovely, easy to read stories for little ones.

I'm not a fan of reading picture books to be honest,
but these ones feel like real stories about a real family
and that I do like.

Look at that, look at the clothes
and the knobbly knees on the girl, 
and the expression on Mog's face - perfection!

So now they are all safe in one place
and I plan on knitting this cat to pop in the bag.
I think done in grey stripes, it will look just like Mog!!

We will have to re-read the stories and see if there are some other props
to make and put in the bag too.

Annie LOVES telling her own stories.


  1. cute fabric, awesome collection x

  2. If I could I would make every single piece of clothing I own out of that fabric! Or at least a top. :-)

  3. Mog we love you , now my grandsons hooked though we havent dared give the one where Mog dies yet

  4. Divine fabric - just the right balance of whimsy and colour!

  5. That is just so purrrfect!
    (sorry... but I was so chuffed with myself that I thought of that)

    Loving the subtleness of the cat in the floral print. Super sweet fabric indeed.

  6. Meg Mog and Owl was a favourite book when I was small! Quality x


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