Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A peep into our wee cottage...

We were very blessed to find a suitable house to stay in while our home is being repaired,
especially seeing as we had such short notice for moving out!

This little cottage is fully furnished and we are allowed our dogs,
it's perfect for us.

We brought our bedding from home (some was provided)
because you get used to your own bedding and we wanted the children
to feel like it was at home.

Annie and Reuben are sharing which is a real novelty for them
and I think it has helped them to sleep better.

I'm glad that I had thought about what we needed to bring
and also that I had made an effort to make the practical items bright and cheerful,
it definitely makes it feel more like our place,
but even so little Annie-Rose is still missing her "real home"!!

The only thing that we completely forgot to bring was facecloths,
so on the first day I popped into an opshop and brought a lovely towel,
cut it into eight and went to my friend's and zig zag around the edges!
But if that's the only thing we forgot, we did pretty good.

I have loved finding homes for our things and making it work for us.
The kitchen is tiny so we moved the microwave (which we barely use)
to the bedroom and gave us more bench space.
All our spices and herbs live in the bread bin.

Kitchen window sill looking lovely!

We sold the caravan and had to empty that last week too,
I think there were five quilts in that, which have come here as well.

Spring flowers, the pom pom jars
and the handkerchief bag. The coloured tins hold headache pills in one
and sticking plasters in another.

The laundry had NO storage, but a quick trip to the Eco Store
and behold some wee shelves for the dog food and laundry products.

There's even a wee bed so Chrissy can some and stay the night.
I don't want to go home!! Home is looking manky as at the moment,
hopefully in a few weeks, it will look better and we will be happy to go back there.


  1. It looks so homely and cosy with your bunting and quilts dotted about. I would LOVE a pile of quilts sitting about in my house xo

  2. I love that red couch; perfect timing to see it as we're just fabric hunting for our lazy-boy which needs recovering and that's the colour everyone liked. Good to see it (or something like it) on an actual piece of furniture.

  3. Good luck with the house renovations, it's been a long time coming! Your cottage looks snug and welcoming and you have worked hard to make it seem like home for your family. My husband and I were in Ch'ch four days before the Feb 22nd earthquake. the restaurant where our party of friends ate was demolished when the earthquake struck.

  4. Just goes to show that home is where your hearts are x

  5. What a sweet little abode! And what a wonderful job you've done making it homey and comfy for your dear ones.

  6. It's very cute. I cannot believe that in all this you also sold the caravan. I used to love your posts about Kaikoura.

  7. Looks like a lovely temporary abode! no doubt it is filled with lots of love and laughter with you all there x

  8. this is such a lovely little cottage....what a gift to find

  9. Oh it is so wonderful to have all your quilts with you. This is why I too must make quilts... because in so many ways they're like a snails house - the home and cozy you can always have with you.
    Love it.
    Love your temporary cottage.

    Try not to worry about the move back at the end of semester. Trust that it will work out.

  10. Looks like you've made it home already!

  11. Your temporary cottage looks so lovely with all your quilts LOVE the colour


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