Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Operation Christmas Child boxes...

This year we decided to do a box again,
we always used to, but the last couple of years, I think we missed the deadline.

I took Annie with me to Kmart and let her choose what her heart delighted in
for a little girl somewhere in the world with very little.

She chose this dress, white with much gold decoration.
why not I said, would look perfect on maybe a brown skinned baby!

She chose purple and princesses for a couple of useful items.
A drink bottle and a box for treasures.

The pinkest tshirt ever with tiny pink leggings to go with it.

A bunch of other small items, some useful and some fun.
Annie had a blast!

And last of all a simple doll that mummy made.
It was such fun to let Annie choose all the pink and sparkly treasures.

I'm sure some little girl somewhere will love it!
The deadline is fast approaching if you have been meaning to do it,
it's not too late, and it's a lovely thing to do with your kiddies.


  1. It's a fantastic idea. Mum took our girls to the local dollar store that is filled with all sorts of treasures, and let them choose too! (3 and a half years old - they LOVED it!) They loved the idea that their boxes were going to other little girls who don't get presents. It's fun to imagine the children opening the gifts at the other end :)

  2. awesome, we always do boxes every year as well and our kids do one for a child their age. It's really neat


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