Monday, October 28, 2013


What I'll do with my days when exams are over?
One more to go....

How a the power cord on the fancy lamp in our rented accommodation
could just 'fall off' according to Mr 11?

How to re-attach a limb to a bunny? 
and why four people need four coffee cups?
Also seeing as we clearly own four,
why can we never find one when we need it??

If this teeny tiny smurf is not the cutest thing ever seen?

Why pull along toys (Annie's favourite)
are so hard to find at the opshop?

What are the chances of a recipe I wanted 
being the first one in the new book that arrived today?

Will I have enough wool to finish the dressing gown?
also when will it be done already??

What are you pondering today??


  1. will I make it through this week in one piece mentally and emotionally! that's what I'm pondering!! :o) x

  2. Also exams!
    Will I make it to the third and most important one with my brain and back intact?
    And why does the cat insist on sleeping in my box of lecture notes?

  3. whether you'll have a free moment next week for a cuppa with me and Phoebe? Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday sometime? Good luck for the last exam :) Wx

  4. I am wondering how the HECK will I ever get my washing pile sorted and away - it keeps coming! I neglected it for a week in favour of gardening and!

    I am sure you'll find all kinds of things to do once your exams are over!

  5. pondering what kind of quilting machine we can buy for you (yay!!!)

  6. Pondering so so many things. But the one thing I will share here, is how is it that I gave birth to a girl with a perfect sense of comic timing!


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