Saturday, October 12, 2013

Settling in and a new habit...

Well here we are all settled into our dear little cottage for the next eight weeks.
I'm hoping the memory of this shift will fade before I have to face
doing it all again at the end of November.

Can anyone say stressful?? 
Combined with the last two weeks of the semester?? ugh

Anyway on the first morning in our new cottage I had an idea
and I asked Annie if she would like me to read her Winnie the Pooh.
I had an inkling that she was ready for chapter books.

That day while I was in lectures I saw Nin's post about the bookshop
so on my way home I drove past. It was pouring with rain 
but there was a park right out side,
and when I went in there was a copy of selected stories of Winnie the Pooh for $2.

There was four other wee chapter books too that looked ok
so I brought them home and while dinner was cooking
Annie and I snuggle under the quilt on the sofa and started reading.

Within about 15 minutes, Annie fell asleep.
What a lovely way to go to sleep in an unfamiliar house!
(She slept 13 hours)

And since then we have read every night.
Roo sneaks up to listen too and they are both enjoying it.
I'm so happy. I'm pretty over reading picture books,
and I'm more than ready to explore Milly Molly Mandy
and then maybe the Famous Five with these two.

Happy! Happy! Happy!


  1. Great minds think alike and all that... I started reading The Wizard of Oz to my two this week. Its the first chapter book that we have attempted and we are all really enjoying it.

  2. Lovely times Deb. We are reading Black Beauty here as a family xx

  3. Lovely times Deb. We are reading Black Beauty here as a family xx

  4. Making some lovely little cottage memories...

  5. Well done. Great to find new things. I saw Reuben on the Make Cafe item in Campbell Live. He spoke really well.

  6. if you are wanting some extra can I recommend the audio book of Winnie The Pooh read by the likes of Judy Dench, Steven Fry and other English greats. My boys love it. xx love reading to my boys. Charlotte's Web is fantastic for reading aloud too

  7. And again you had an excellent idea to feel your childreen safe and happy!!!!!!!!

  8. I love Milly Molly Mandy. Always have. Cx

  9. Oh, how wonderful. I LOVED Milly Molly Mandy as a little girl. Such excellent books.

  10. Great new routine! chapter books are great - hope you are all enjoying your new temporary home x

  11. Beautiful! Both my girls will sit and listen to me read for such a long time - it's wonderful! They're 1 and 3 so I hope their love for books continues! :)
    That quilt is divine! Love the star blocks!


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