Friday, October 4, 2013

Sewing love into quilts....

This week a tiny little girl was born at 26 weeks,
her name is Esther and she weighs 940 grams.

She's doing really well for such a tiny tiny baby
but she has a long road to getting strong and coming home!

All week, when we knew that Esther seemed determined to arrive,
we had been praying that she would be kept safe,
what ever I was doing her family was on my mind.

I needed to do something, so I ferrited through my pile of to be quilted tops
and found this one. It's really really pretty.
Shenleigh quickly quilted it and the next morning
I got up at six o'clock and sewed on the binding.
(Side note: I can sew the binding down reasonably well by machine now!)

Some good friends delivered it that day to the hospital,
a visible symbol of all our love and prayers for them.

This is why I make quilts.

This is why I really need a machine that I can easily quilt
so that I can keep doing this (without having to pay)

If you would like to help with the fundraising
please pop over here and have a look.
Every little bit helps!


  1. All the best reaching your goal!

  2. You make such beautiful quilts and have a wonderful kind generous heart.
    I pray we reach the goal . . . . . . of $3k

  3. What a beautiful quilt. Our girls were also born at 26 weeks weighing 700g and are now healthy, full-of-energy (!) 3 year olds. When they were in neonatal a lady came around with quilts to give to the babies. The girls will not sleep without theirs - they've been beautiful treasured possessions ever since we lay them over their incubators. It's such a beautiful gift! And the inspiration for why I'd love to learn to quilt one day :) I love your heart and all I've heard about you in several blogs. I hope your goal is reached quickly! You remind me of my favourite picture book, too, 'The Quiltmaker's Gift' about a woman who sewed quilts for those in need and showed a king that happiness came through giving to others. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift!

  4. That is a good weight for a little one born at 26 weeks. I will pray for her. Please keep us posted.

    The quilt it beautiful. She will do well wrapped in so much love.

  5. beautiful work my sweet friend. xxx hoping to contribute some items to auction and contribute to your beautiful cause. Let me know when is good to catch up xxx

  6. A gorgeous quilt and beautiful act of kindness and is exactly why raising this money is such a great cause :))

  7. A beautiful quilt, you are very talented, and have inspired me to make my first quilt recently, which I made for my son - he loves it! Good luck with raising the money, you deserve it, Jackie

  8. Beautiful. Your quilted hearts are so right. So good. I can feel the love from all the way over here. I do so hope that sweet small baby thrives. I feel so much for her parents.


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