Sunday, October 13, 2013

Star babies and Peg Warriors....

The Steiner school Fair is coming up and I've been busy making
little things for the Kindergarten to sell in all my 'spare' time {laughs}.
 I made some walnut babies, they are adorable, but I don't think I photographed them.

I found a jug full of wooden pegs when I was packing
and I decided to make little peg warriors with them.
I just cut a rectangle and wrapped it round like a cloak and stitched it down.
I wanted the stitching to show, and funny enough Reuben commented
that he liked the stitching. I think it makes them look handmade.
The children LOVE these and I had to take them straight to school!!!

I did find in the bottom of my felt bag an array of peg people
that I had brought a few Christmases ago and promptly lost.

So I sewed them little hats and stuffed them and glued them on
for Annie and Reuben when they woke up.
They wanted clothes for them, but I think they are quite cute like this,
unfussy and good for endless imagination.

And then endless (it seems) star babies.
I'm using this tutorial which is awesome 
and I was blessed by finding a tin of wooden beads (probably from a car seat cover)
at the opshop, perfect for their little wooden heads.

I've made them in sets of seven,
so that people can buy a rainbow of them if they want to.
Annie and Reuben once again LOVE these
and plan on spending their hard earned $$ at the fair on these.

I've stuffed them firmly and they really are cute.

I've made 39 with another 10 or so to go.
I think they will sell like hot cakes in the Kindergarten stall.

See! a rainbow of felt babies. How cute are they??
Fair coming up on 9 November,
pop into the Kindergarten if you want to buy some!!!! (hint hint)


  1. CUTE!!!! Who knew felt and pegs could be so adorable!!???

  2. seriously cute! I can't imagine any being left over! I don't want to ask "how do you do it?" - but I'll say you are amazing at getting a lot of things done!!!

  3. those star babies are adorable - can you tell us when it is so we can come too?? xx

  4. Oh they are so cute. For the first time in years we'll not be at the chch steiner fair. Sad its a goodie. My boy has just started at Steiner on the Kapiti Coast. When I went to their fair I managed to miss the craft bit! I'm looking forward to joining their crafty team soon. Anyway when I asked my son what he liked about his Kindy he told be "It's so pretty". Love.

  5. Far out - how do you do it all? I love the wee handmade things, they will sell amazingly well - I also love the Steiner fair!!!

  6. I've heard really good things about the steiner fair and i'm determined to make it this year. star babies here i come!


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