Thursday, November 28, 2013

In which I try to explain again, why I make stuff....

Last year I swore I'd start the Christmas making earlier...
No actually maybe it was the year before...
Hmm, let me think, I have been saying it for a couple of years.

Actually, I'll stop kidding myself,
I can't remember a Christmas when the making madness hasn't taken over.

It doesn't matter how early I start,
there is always a flurry of last minute activity.
Starting earlier just means you make more!!

Apart from the Christmas I was pregnant with Chrissy.
I was horribly sick, and David's dad had recently died.
It was just all too much.
And so I went to the mall and brought all the gifts in one go.
But somehow I didn't feel like it was really loving my family.

And I do buy gifts. Of course I do.
Although as the years go by the type of gifts I buy have changed a lot.

It's not about the actual buying,
because you have to buy the ingredients for it most of the time,
but it's how much of you that you can put into it that I value.
It is the thinking of the best thing for the person
and putting all the love you can into it that I like.

This year I have spent hours and hours and hours making presents.
I've made about 30 pillowcases that we have given for birthdays.
I have made quilts, I have made cushions.
I have made so much stuff.

But nothing has taken quite as long as this pile of 12 draw-string bags.
They have sucked up time like you would not believe. 

 They are made from orphan blocks and forgotten embroideries,
they are made from good intentions and half started projects.
They are all hand quilted and fully lined,
and they are lovely.

It's a shame they are just a draw-string bag,
not something fancy, but I really hope the folks that get them
feel valued and loved by us.

After all, isn't that why we make stuff??


  1. Yes! The thought, the care, the consideration, the love. That's why we make stuff. Love your bags and I'm sure they will be loved xx

  2. Deb I love this post and especially your draw string bags. I'm sure who ever is lucky enough to receive them will love them too.


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