Friday, November 15, 2013

Tidying up odds and ends...

This morning I tidied my bit of the garage.
It was a total mess. Before I started, I said to David that I hoped there were
no unfinished projects lurking in there. Yeah, that didn't work out so well!

The good news for me is that I found the fabric to make all the kids
new pjs for Christmas and all the semi finished Christmas presents
and the wherewithal to finish them.

Also because we have a three week extension on the repairs,
I have exactly three weeks to finish stuff and make curtains.

I found a good pile of pretties to give my friend Nin
and a pile of orphan blocks to send to Auntie Cookie
(actually I just read her post, I might have to make better ones)

I also found the project bag of stuff I was working on at the time of the February earthquake.
It was weird to find it, like I started this stuff a lifetime ago.
I was stitching away happily at this stuff not knowing
that disaster was just around the corner.

It makes me feel a bit sick really looking at these things.
But I can remember doing them at the beach in Kaikoura
and camping in Geraldine. Barely grasping the implications of
the teenage horror that was about to descend on us (along with the earthquakes).
The two things are so intertwined in my mind,
as one black chapter in our family.

This time last year, things were as grim as they could be on the teenage boy front
(short of prison) and I cried more tears than I thought I could ever
(it's ok, he agrees with this too, with the gift of hindsight
and would probably tell you that himself if you asked).

But this year things are much much better, much better indeed
and there is light at the end of all that. 

So I think I'll take up my needle and finish these projects
and send them off to their new homes,
knowing that life is a funny thing, good times and bad times, intertwined;
it's the looking back that gives you perspective.

I hope I remember this when my next kid ticks over to 13.


  1. Yes, I'm looking forward to perspective :-) Some teenage moments are so dreadfully hard - and then there's that period of lightness that makes you think "Oh no, it's not that bad" before you're back to the bone rattling stuff. I tell her sometimes, "hopefully you'll look back on this and say Oh poor mum and dad, didn't I give them some grief! and then we'll all laugh." But you had an earthquake too - oy! That's tough stuff. Glad to see the pretty embroidery had a nice outing to the beach :-)

  2. Goodness Deb it is great to read you all are finally getting the repairs done on your home.
    I always counted my blessings my mom did not give us all up for adoption with the trouble and headaches we four caused her growing up.
    Wishing you all the best in the weeks and months to come.
    blessings, jill
    someone from our 'old' flickr days

  3. Hi Deb, so glad things are on the up for you. LOVE that stack of fabric, get sewing! xxx


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