Sunday, December 1, 2013

Angel on the Shelf

I was feeling a bit sad because we can't put our Christmas tree up
and I hasn't been organised to make some kind of Elf
to join all the Elf-on-the-shelf fun.

But then this morning I saw on Instagram, 
Sarah giving a fairy a make-over to be an Angel-on-the-shelf,
and I knew that this was something I could do!

So I went to the Warehouse and brought a cheap Angel with a pretty dress,
and a very cheap Barbie-type doll,
and combined the two to make our Christmas Angel.

She's actually very pretty!
I wrote a letter to Annie and Reuben
and explained how she had heard their decorations were in storage
and that she was going to stay for the month for some fun
and to share the Christmas story.

Annie-Rose was beside herself with joy.
It was really adorable. 

I hope I can carry this off and bring some joy to their hearts this Christmas.
I plan on her having some advent activities for them as well.

Let the Christmas fun begin!!


  1. awesome - one of my advent activities is an angel hunt through the account of Jesus' birth including John's birthday, Mary, Joseph, The Shepherds - could be a fun one for your angel to do. Thanks for being there today my lovely xxx

  2. What a great idea as an alternative to the Elf! Very creative!

  3. Such a great idea! Hope you post some Angel pics xxx

  4. you are such a amazing and clever mom!!!

  5. Very clever! I have wanted to jump on the Elf band wagon but Love you idea way better and am looking forwards to doing that next year! Great idea! Thank you for sharing it.

  6. When my daughter was little she found a Polly Pocket shoe. I told her a fairy must have dropped it. She was mesmerized and kept the shoe on the mantle.


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