Thursday, December 12, 2013

The caravan key....

All this week I have been wearing jeans with pockets
and in my pocket is the key to the caravan that we sold.
I found it while we were unpacking.

And every time I put my hand in my pocket,
it reminds me that the holidays are coming.
After Christmas we will take the tent and the camping gear
and camp by the beach for a bit.

 When ever one of the kids is whinging,
or not complying with a request,
I slip my hand into my pocket and squeeze the key.

Whenever the pile of boxes feels neverending
and the laundry pile is breeding,
I put my hand into my pocket and check it's there.

And I sort through all our belongings as I put them away,
and ponder at the enormous pile of complete rubbish that we held on to,
I feel the key in my pocket and remember there is an end to all this.

I still have five pairs of pyjamas to finish
and four dolls, oh and two laundry bags and a sewing machine bag,
but the end is in sight.

How are you guys going??


  1. Hi Deb, what surprises me is there is no comment about how finished (or not) your house is. Don't know how you do it. I am praying that all will be settled down for you by Christmas and you will be able to stop, sit and exhale. Cheers Karen

  2. The end is in sight!! and today i'm just going if it's not done it's not done... will feel different tomorrow I'm sure! Good luck, remember to breathe x

  3. I am unpacking too! I am just plodding along, knowing the baby I am growing wants me to take it slowly. So I am. Wishing you lovely holidays and a peaceful time away.

  4. your time at the beach is going to be well deserved....i cant think of anyone that works harder, or does more than you do!! you are such a great mom


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