Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Quilt for James {1/52}

Technically I made this last year, but I just finished the binding,
so I think it counts for this year!! I dug around in the archives of my old blog
and found I brought the fabric in 2008!

I can't remember what I made with it, but an icecream container of left-overs
has been hovering about in my store room since then.

When we were in our temporary accommodation last year
I sewed the 9-patch blocks together and decided it would be good for James.
It was nearly impossible to find something to match to the fabric though,
which confirms my theory that you have to use all your stash every few years,
the colours change over time and it was really difficult to find something to go.

Anyway this is fresh and clean looking and I think the boy will like it.
He won't be able to sell it for money anyhow, 
so at least he will have to keep it and it will hopefully remind him that we love him.

The best thing about this quilt is the border, which I am very happy with.
I find borders very tricky to get right, they are either too small or too big
and either way it's a fail on a quilt.

One of my aims for this year is to add more borders to quilts
and to get the maths right so they sit perfectly.

The binding was also in the container and I sewed many little strips together,
I was about one centimeter short, but I cobbled it together at the corner 
and it's fine. To be honest, he will never notice anyhow.

It's really quite big, and I think it looks nice. It's not perfect,
but it needed to be made. Shenleigh made a lovely job of quilting it for me too.

We went out to the residential red zone to photograph it. There's large patches of empty ground now
and it looks so much nicer without a lot of the broken houses.
The weeds are flowering freely and the trees all seem to be flourishing.
It's actually quite nice.

There's still quite a lot of houses though, 
and I picked two pieces of this geranium to put in my pots.
I kinda like the idea of the plants having a new life at my place,
just like the original home owners who have been transplanted elsewhere.


  1. I love the way you have put this quilt together! its perfect with the blues and greens :) you've got the eye for it! Also love how you said the geranium will have a new lease on life much like its previous have such a way with words x

  2. "It's not perfect..." Perfect quilts are the ones that you buy in a store that were made in a factory, which makes them not perfect at all. Your quilt *is* perfect.

    Did you do the actual quilting yourself? It is beautiful!

  3. Deb, I think it IS perfect !! !! !!
    It will keep him warm comforted and loved

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  5. Hi deb, happy new year to you. Hugs, Lisa x

  6. Deb it's a beautiful quilt. Well done! I'm sure James will love it.

  7. I constantly marvel at your fabric choices - it is lovely and the boarders are perfection - agreed, its actually quite hard to get that right.


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