Monday, January 13, 2014

If at first you don't succeed and all that, the crochet edition....

I've tried so many times to learn crochet.
My home economics teacher gave up in despair, she said (and I quote)
"there is no order in your chaos". 

A while ago I gave Nin all my crochet hooks and wool
and decided it wasn't for me.

But it bugged me that I couldn't master it,
and so I brought yet another crochet hook and googled a pattern I liked.

And before I knew it I had done a few circles.

And I had a basket of odds and ends of wool from my stash all lined up to make more.

I like it. I really do. And a lovely friend is coming by tomorrow 
to help me turn them into squares.

Maybe 2014 might be the year I succeed.


  1. Well done you! I have attempted and failed with crochet too, but I will not give up. I will try again come the cooler months. It will be my winter sport of choice! xo

  2. awesome, I would have given up on it, you are so persistent - I guess that is how you manage to study too.

  3. This gives me hope. Because I have tried a few times as well. Maybe I will get circles one day. lol

  4. Uh oh you've done it now, opened the can of crochet worms!!! I cannot wait to see your year of crochet, I predict a new addiction for sure xxx

  5. I cant get it etiher! But you've given me hope to keep trying!

  6. Yea! I am so glad you didn't let your nasty Home Ec teacher get the best of your spirit. How cruel! I was the same way with socks for ten years. I even paid for a class that skipped the whole 3 needle thing and tried to learn using circular needles, two at a time. Oh yeah, I was going to be a machine. Finally last year, after forcing myself to sit down and get the feel of the3 needle thing, iI've now made 4 pairs of wearables socks that hasn't fallen apart in the wash yet.

    Good luck with your square making...can't wait to see what you're making.

  7. I remember (not so fondly) two remarks made by two separate teachers at high school
    1) best you don't take maths next year - you and maths don't really agree = CORRECT!, however, I ended up in a career where I used maths and figures most of the day
    2) if you continue down this path/attitude all you can aspire to be is barefoot pregnant and on a benefit = OUCH! and I had GREAT pleasure in introducing my husband and then one child to that same teacher when we were at a wedding years later and pointing out I was wearing shoes!


    GO YOU with the crochet! I've seen some of your friends crochet makes and she and her sister are pretty talented!


  8. yay for you! and even better that you're enjoying it! looking forward to seeing how you get on :)

  9. Crochet and me have never really played well together but I hope you can get some crochet mojo going! You could have a lot of fun with it :-)

  10. Don't you think it's just about getting over the clumsy how do I hold it all bit? I am I a crochet group, Bellingen hookers and we all hold the wool and hook differently and all do our stitches differently! but it s still the same stiitch, you are going to be amazing at it.

  11. I still have the hooks!! They are coming back to you. Yay you conquered crochet!!

  12. Hi Deb, you just made my crochet heart sing! I'm so happy that you have had a crochet breakthrough, your circles look just perfect! Don't get caught up with the 'right' way to crochet, I do it completely wrong, the right way is the way it works for you and you've definitely got the hang of it. If you can get the stitches in the square right, I have no doubt you could crochet anything after that.
    Go you!
    x Adele from Three Beans in a Pod

  13. I agree with everyone here!! I failed for years until I forgot how people were trying to teach me and just got on with it in my own way.....all the ole biddys scoff at my 'cack handedness' but it works for me!! yay can't wait to see all your creations :))

  14. So pleased you got a round to learning crochet! You will find it grows much quicker than knitting.

  15. I have a smile on my face...three people have tried to teach me to knit. The last one ended with 'Anissa, you are good at so many things...and knitting isn't going to be one of them'...i value honesty in my friends. But! Perhaps i could try crochet this are always inspiring Deb.


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