Sunday, February 16, 2014

A quilt for Jo

Yesterday I showed you the quilt for Helen,
and this is the quilt for Jo.

Jo and I have been friends for years,
back when we were younger, we thought we were invincible,
life has broken us, but we can laugh about our younger selves!!

I absolutely love this pattern, and have two more of these quilts on the go.
It's from the Love Quilting magazine,
and if you download the digital edition, the first copy is free,
and that's the copy this quilt is in.

I really like the clear graphic, and how it showcases the fabric.
Shenleigh and I worked together on this one, it's a joint effort!

Once again we put a plain back on it for people to sign it.
That way they can have a lovely reminder of the birthday!

I used some precious fabrics in this one and they play nicely together!

Shenleigh quilted it beautifully.
I've heard that Jo really liked it so that's fantastic :)

We have been living in roadworks central for months now.
I thought I'd just show some pictures from our street.
It's craziness and it seems to be dragging on forever!!!


  1. Another gorgeous quilt to treasure! You are a machine!

  2. I absolutely love love love this design so much !! !!
    And with my 'scraps' I'm going to make one

  3. I know right? Whats up with the roadworks that disappear for a couple of weeks only to reappear without warning. Hope you street is finalised soon.

  4. What a great quilt! But I am a sucker for pink and green after all!

  5. Both are such gorgeous quilts. And both made with much love!


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