Sunday, February 2, 2014


A wonderful wonderful thing happened to us this weekend.
Some of our family came to live in Christchurch
and for the next couple of weeks are staying with us.

We don't have loads of family, and we are kinda envious of folks with lots of
cousins and Uncles and Aunties,
so some new cousins to live very near us are super super precious.

Annie loves having a big girl to watch and admire,
and Reuben loves having a friend to talk and talk and talk
and talk and talk with.

The sun seems a bit brighter, and the sky a bit bluer
with friends to share it with.

This is love.
Welcome to Christchurch precious Phoebe,
thank you for being part of our family.


  1. Oh yes - Annie's face in that last photo says it all <3

  2. How awesome for you. My sister moved to 50km away and it is great.

  3. How lovely for you - my sister lives in Brisbane, which is a long way from Auckland. Our kids love it when we get to see each other, which is every couple of years.

  4. I know those feelings of wanting yearning wishing for family near by
    I celebrate friends who I call family
    Annies face in that last photo - precious

  5. Family close is such a treasure - happy for you in your happiness - make the most of it! x

  6. Thank you so much Beautiful Deb - we love being with you and getting to know you all and our new city - we feel blessed! X

  7. The last picture is absolutely precious! I love it.

  8. Oh yay. Fabulous. We are cousin-less too, so i totally get why this is so wonderful x


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