Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kid's Clothing week, the winter edition

Next week Uni starts and it is going to be full on,
so this precious week between finishing the Summer Internship and starting again
I have decided to make all the winter clothes that I can for the kids.

We are sharing our home with family at the moment,
so Wendy and I have got ourselves organised.
Luckily for me, Wendy has amazing pattern drafting skills
and can do actual maths to work things out (unlike me)
and so she has made us some patterns to use.

I also had a peasant dress pattern that Wendy helped me adapt to make
long sleeved tops for the winter.

Fortunately it's been a fine summery week
so we can eat outside, and we have taken over the living room 
for our production line (and on hot days, sweat shop)

So far I have made six pairs of pyjama bottoms for Reuben and Annie.
Reuben was very good about having floral ones
as that is all I had to use :)

I've made one short sleeved peasant top from light cord and some soft drill,
and I have made two long sleeved peasant tops so far from sheets.

It's such a good feeling to be getting organised.
Yesterday we found a whole lot of thermals at the opshop,
so the kids really are getting sorted.

Also on the list: three little cord skirts, and three little dresses,
and some leggings from recycled thermals for Annie.


  1. Looking good there !! !! !!

    It's Wednesday .. .. .. I'm thinking about you .. .. ..

    Love and Light

  2. you are so good at making use of what you have!!! Good on you!

  3. Looking at all this makes me miss sewing! When I was young my Nana taught me. Maybe it is time to drag my old machine and serger out of storage.

  4. I'm loving that Rueben is cool with floral. Lisa x

  5. I'm loving that Rueben is cool with floral. Lisa x

  6. I'm loving that Rueben is cool with floral. Lisa x

  7. Man what machines you are! they look great! good luck with all the busyness around the corner x

  8. wow!!!! its all so great!!! I love allt he fabric

  9. Those pjays all look so comfy! and that little peasant top looks very sweet with that lovely yellow floral!
    This is on my must do list too, especially as my boys love it when they get new pjays from me :)


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