Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A winter wardrobe for Annie (2)

It's just so nice to look at Annie's wardrobe and know that we made so much of it.
This amazing cardigan by Clare's mum looks good with everything,
even though the "pumpkin" colour I picked from the chart is screaming orange!!

I've made four pairs of pj pants, three pinafore dresses, three skirts, one short sleeved peasant top
and two long sleeved peasant tops
and Wendy made three more peasant tops for Annie too. Child is sorted.

Annie is going to look so cute this winter
and it's so satisfying to see that my skills are so much better.

But the thing I am most proud of, is this knitted dressing gown.
It's been a labour of love. 

I found the pink at the opshop for $1.50 and 
someone gave me the cream to finish it, all of the wool was recycled.

I totally adore this pink, it's delicious.

I could just take pictures of it all day.



  1. One very lucky girl to have a Mama and a Wendy who are both so skilled - Love the dressing gown and LOVE the vintage sheet quilt Annie is lying on

  2. i love her dressing gown!! good on you for sticking at it Deb! and I too love that quilt.. I think I commented about it on IG too.. its super cute!

  3. Adore that dressing gown. Annie is wrapped in your love as she wears it... and all the other delightful items you've made for her.
    Thought of you the other day when there was an earthquake in California. Hoped you're doing ok and bit by bit putting life back in order. I know that sometimes putting things back in order inside ourselves can be the hardest of all. Anyway, you continue to be in my thoughts. Xoxox

  4. Well done, Mum! And even better, Annie likes to wear what you make her!

  5. I love my dress. It is what i expected, very nice. This is coming from a person who normally doesn’t wear dresses. I would definitely order from this company again.
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