Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The value of Reflection....

Two of the papers I'm doing this semester require us to write weekly reflection journals.
Yay! we thought, that's 40 easy points. What's next on the list!!

But as it turns out this is an exercise with a bite!

Writing personal reflections from the heart turns out to be challenging,
especially if you are like me, and have built walls around your emotions
over years and years and years.

Looking behind the wall to see what is lurking there,
it's hard, really really hard.

There's no ducking and diving,
there's no getting out of it, the topics are set each week,
and we have to write about them.

It's like tearing off a bandaid with no warning.

But here's the thing, it's actually a really useful exercise,
to reexamine something in your past, look at it critically,
analyse what happened from a different time and space
and acknowledge what really happened.

It is freeing to write about something that happened,
and to be able to acknowledge with what we are learning in class,
that that was no ok, and it was not fair.

It's almost as though once I've written it down and reflected on it,
it cuts it down to size. I can recognise it for what it is
and know that actually, yes crap happens, but not because I'm not an ok person.
You should try it! It's hard but it's good.

By the way, do you like these pictures?
David took them last night. It's some of the amazing art around the city,
trying to make the empty spaces look a bit more cheerful!! It works.


  1. I used to write in a journal, starting from around age 7 up until about 19 or 20. When I married my husband, he didn't like me writing in it because he thought what I was writing I should be talking about with him! I found it very therapeutic writing things out as I am not very good at articulating my feelings out loud. Very recently I threw all of my old journals out! Now I am wondering if I should start up again!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    And I LOVE the photos, they're amazing.

  2. love you xxx let the journey bring new light and hope, and understanding xxx

  3. Love the pics!
    I write stories to work through things. I'm stuck at the moment though because I'm writing about something I did nearly 30 years ago. I wasn't bad, I was just ignorant, but I broke someone's heart terribly and it still has repercussions for me now. I think he at least has moved on.

  4. It can be hard writing about stuff we don't want to dwell on but I find getting it out on paper very therapeutic even if I don't want to read it back to myself. I think it helps to get our thoughts in order rather than it going around and around in our heads which is usually in the early hours of the morning for me.

  5. i could totally write in a journal but having to be that specific would be so hard for me. i am so intrigued by that last art installation that some of the ruins that were made into something new?

  6. My favourite is the women on the brick wall - I love the way the brick becomes a part of the portrait.

    I'm not avoiding the whole point of the post - you show a lot of courage, but then it takes a whole lot of moxy to do the degree you're doing so no suprises there!

  7. A long long long time ago I learnt about metacognitive learning - reflection being so very important. There is so much in my life that I have learnt and then lost - but the art of reflection is not one of them. Can be a friend or foe me thinks? So much to be gained but a bit of a curse for the overthinkers too!


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