Thursday, April 10, 2014

Making meaning of tradition....

Next week it will be Easter and I was wondering how to make it meaningful for the children in our home this year. Last year I did this and this year I wanted to do something too. I saw these bunnies on Felt I had an idea and brought some bunnies. This is what I want to communicate about Easter this year....

Easter is about love. It is about opening your heart to the possibility that you can be loved. It is about letting someone else hold you when you hurt and listening to them when they encourage you. Easter is about community. It is about sharing your life with others, even when it is hard. It is about letting them help you and support you on the bad days, and about learning to laugh with them on the good days.

Easter is about having the faith to believe in something much bigger than yourself, and to know that is enough. I believe in God, for me, Easter is about the fact He loves me enough to trust in Him as the something bigger in my life. (It might be different for you)

Easter is about second chances. It means that you can say I am sorry, and receive forgiveness. In the little things and in the big things. This bunny is going to someone that I love dearly, who I have forgiven and who I want to have relationship with. Sometimes we forgive and choose not to be in relationship with someone and that is ok too. We need to be safe to protect our hearts. Easter is also about that chance to protect our hearts and still be able to love.

I hope that as the children enjoy their Easter bunnies, that they remember the strength that comes from living a life in community, filled with love and learning; knowing they can ask for help when they need it. Sometimes life is tough, but I want my children to know that they can be super heroes as they draw strength from the messages of Easter.... love, community, faith, second changes and something bigger than themselves.

Have you thought about how to make it a meaningful festival for your family?? Even if you don't acknowledge God in your lives, it still a special festival, and if you can share with your family in a way that works for you, maybe you can make the messages of Easter real for you too.


  1. Those bunnies are uber cute :) lovely post Deb. Our eldest is really getting what its all about, which is lovely. We have a birthday so are incorporating egg hunts, meanings and birthdays which will make it super memorable xx

  2. Those bunnies are very special! We are spending our Easter with my husbands family. We don't see them as often as we'd like so Easter is about family & community this year. Thanks for sharing those lovely softies!

  3. The bunnies are super cute! And I love all that Easter means to you... lovely post!

  4. I love the title, the bunnies are cute, but community, relationships, something bigger that you... nicely said :)


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