Friday, April 11, 2014

On brokenness....

Living in Christchurch is an exercise in living with brokenness,
it's every where and you cannot hide from it.

I guess when the earthquake first happened, 
we knew that things had changed, but we had no freaking idea 
how long it would take to get to a point where things would get better.
We can't use the word restored in this context
because so much has been pulled down, but the rebuild is underway.
It has taken a very long time.

In the meantime we are forced to sit and wait and wait.
We are forced to feel the emotions that seeing our city torn down
building by building brings to our hearts.
We are powerless both to speed up the process or even to stop it.

Instead we can reflect on the change and what it means
and as we do, our emotions go through the range from rage to acceptance.

We are learning to accept this place,
even to make it beautiful.

It's such a lesson both for our city and for us.

Being broken is just part of being human,
it comes to all of us at some stage.

The trick is not to fight it, but to accept and sit with it
as the broken pieces gradually go and a space appears
giving us the opportunity to start anew. 


  1. as always eloquent, thoughtful, wise. Love you Deb, so much xxx

  2. On my dressing table !!! Always close to my heart xxxx

  3. Makes me want to cry... Acceptance is so hard isn't it? Big hugs xx

  4. How do you always manage to be so eloquent? You have a real gift.

  5. May I just say that I think we are in a quite unique situation in that we have the ability to shape the new city - to have a hand in how it will be (there are so many projects and calls for action and help - too many to name here). I'm grateful for that, even though in my heart sometimes I'm sad for what life was once like, I think that by getting involved I'm making some meaning and usefulness from the broken.


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