Saturday, June 28, 2014


Now that the first semester is finished and I've passed all the papers,
it is time to take a deep breath and reflect on the last six months.

There is no way in the world, we would have got through this
with out the help of our family and friends.

One thing that happened back on February 
before all the craziness began, is that Wendy and Aaron and Pheobe came to stay
with us for a week. But as it turned out, they stayed for nearly four months.

It was amazing. First of all amazing that we all still love each other,
and secondly amazing because we were able to support each other.

Wendy ably took over most of the mum duties 
and ran the house like clockwork.

We ran out of toilet paper last week, and I thought how that never happened
when Wendy was in charge of the shopping.

It was such great timing, having them here,
I don't think that I could have managed without all the extra help
(it was a bit helpful for them having somewhere to live
so hopefully we didn't take too much advantage of them!!)

We also had great support from our neighbours,
who are able to help with kid pick up and drop off for school.

It's the little things that make a big difference.

Another thing that has helped is the love from my lovely on-line friends.
Sophie dropped off chocolate chip cookies on the night I handed in six pieces of work
and Dee sent me this beautiful doll in the week when the workload broke me.

And lastly I just want to thank all the lovely people who read this blog
and comment faithfully. I really want to especially acknowledge 
These girls faithfully send me words of encouragement that warms my heart. 
There are lots of others of you who I regularly meet on IG or Facebook
and I love you all too.

I'm so glad that I got through, and it's only because of all the support
and encouragement. I won't lie, it was the hardest thing to do
but it feels great to have succeeded.


  1. A fantastic achievement & fabulous you had so much support. Sometimes we need to lean of friends & family.

  2. Well done, take some time to recover though :)

  3. So glad for you Deb, i did not comment a lot because my health is not so good at the moment. I read all your post so i stayed in touch!!!!!!!
    How good that you had all those support. It maken things so much easier to carry. Go on in the same way and be sure i foolow you.
    Hugs from France, Baukje

  4. I am just so proud of you Deb, proud to know you, proud of how you live with such integrity, proud that you haven't stopped at 'I missed out on things when I was a young woman', you make me inspired. You have done something very difficult with grace and you have done it well. Love you xxxx

  5. I'm glad the semester is behind you! It does feel good to have accomplished something really hard! (I say that to myself each and every time I finish a bike ride-last year I was terrified, this year I only feel that way riding someplace new.) I'm so glad you had family and neighbors to help-you might need them again next semester! Blessed be!

  6. Yes, it was a miraculous symbiotic relationship, wasn't it? Likewise, we are truly grateful for all your and David and Reuben and Annie-Rose's support when finding home for ourselves became very tricky. And we are more than happy to be able to help this semester, too...of course!! Bloody well done, DEB!! MUCH LOVE XOXO

  7. Oh Deb!!! Hooray hooray hooray for you! Amazing how these blessings happen and we know it is but don't? So glad you are through it, had support, had help, had love and passed! And can breathe! Well done you, big hugs and anytime ;) You are such an inspiration xxxx

  8. Wow, it must've been crowded, but also good to have some back up during a very busy time! Good going on getting through.

  9. You are doing so well Debs xxxx

  10. Aw chucks Deb! I'm always late to the party though... but I get here in the end.

    Support networks are so important. I am so glad that you're surrounded by so much love.

    Happy re-charging, and good luck for semester 2.


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