Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Turning good intentions into actual actions....

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that
I'm a real champion of finishing things.
I believe even a wonky quilt keeps you warm,
and a finished project will show love to someone better than a UFO
jammed in the back of the cupboard.

Sometimes I start things and they don't make it because I miss a deadline,
or I fell out of love with the project or somehow it just got derailed.
I've learned to just go 'oh well' and carry on,
repurpose the project to something else and just get the thing finished!

This project started life as two tiny baby quilts for some premmie babies,
but life derailed this project and the babies are probably all grown up now
(I don't know them personally).
So I kicked my guilt about not completing this project
and decided to repurpose the strips I had cut to make a scrappy trip-along quilt.

It won't be very big, but I think I can put a border on
and it will be done. 
Often I have no idea who a quilt is going to be for
but once it is finished, it is just the ticket for someone who needs it.

So in little snippets of time, this quilt is coming together.
I just love the process of cutting and sewing and pressing.
It really does help my mental health.

Finishing something off is good for my mental health too!
Plus finally the room and table for my quilting machine is coming together,
the stars have finally aligned, and I'm hoping to start actually quilting some 
of these projects very very soon.

A finished quilt will say I love you
far better than a pile of good intentions and a box of guilt!


  1. True for quilts and true for life! Thanks Deb

  2. You're awesome. I love ya heaps x

  3. oooooo I love finishing things off - a load off my mind so to speak. True words as usual Deb xx

  4. I found a bunch of quilt tops that I worked on in Sydney, including the ORBC quiltalong Dresden Plate one your ran. I must get them finished, backed and quilted. Then they can go off to new homes, hopefully to people who need something nice.

  5. My 1/2 finished projects don't exist anymore *squeal* so I've decided to start a bunch more LOL
    good logic hey

  6. SNAP. Finishing things is good for my mental health too.


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