Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A spring clean for 2015 {on relationships}

Much as we wish it was otherwise, relationships are not all sunshine and roses.
Because relationships need regular attention,
a spring clean you might say, to keep everything in order.

Good intentions are not enough to keep a relationship strong,
it takes a lot of actual hard work,
sometimes you have to rearrange things
or clean behind the furniture,
otherwise a relationship can easily get dull and dusty
without us even realising it.

It is far to easy to carry on day to day
and not notice that clutter is acculumulated in the corners;
things like resentment and anger.

Or that even maybe that something isn't working at all
and needs to be carted off to the curb for recycling.

Isn't that a crazy challenge for all of us in relationships?
To keep things fresh and sweet,
when daily life can just make it dull and boring!

I've realised since I wrote my last blog post,
that it is not enough just to embrace imperfection,
sometimes you have to have the guts to work out what you can do to a situation
and sometimes you have to change things.

In a relationship, this always seems to start with acknowledging
where we went wrong to start with,
and going on forward from there.

You know you keep on doing what you do,
and making choices and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes you have to just stop right now
and have the guts to make a decision to change the way things are.

After all, if you really love someone,
it's worth it to make things a little uncomfortable for awhile,
have a good spring clean as it were and both work out the best way to live
a life that is not dull and boring
but where you both make each other shine.

How about that for a challenge for 2015?
I'm up for that one!


  1. and remember that sometimes when you move the couch to vacuum behind it you find a gold coin!! It's worth having a look :o)

  2. Wise words Deb. Communication is key, even if it does cause discomfort for a bit.

  3. I agree!! Change in relationships can be so refreshing! I think 2015 sounds like the perfect year for it! I have a few relationships that need some adjustments :)

  4. That is indeed a challenge! And it does take a lot of guts, and I'm not sure that I'm up for it, though the rewards would be grand!

  5. Interesting to read your words and they resonated with me.....yep something I too will work on for 2015!

  6. Such a wise lady ... with so much gorgeous bunting!!!!


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