Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Heart was made to be Broken {Oscar Wilde}

I've been thinking recently how that in romantic novels or plays,
a broken heart is a cataclysmic event heralded by some disaster.
But back here in the real world, heartbreak is often a slow process,
where one is let down over and over
or expectations and dreams fade out unrealised.

Parenting for example, is filled with heartbreak,
in so many ways that our hearts feel pain
as we wrangle ourselves and our children through the traumatic process
that is growing up.

Relationships, also a ripe breeding ground for heartbreak.
The slow downgrading of our expectations,
hope disappearing and grace not allowed to flourish,
loving someone does not mean you won't break their heart,
or you theirs. We are all flawed human beings
and sometimes we make horrible mistakes with each other's hearts.

Luckily for us it is then,
that although our hearts are fragile,
they are strong. It is truly amazing what we can go through and still remain intact.
There have been times in my life when I thought I would break
and yet you wake up the next morning continuing to function.
It's miracle.

The thing I've noticed about heartbreak,
is not that it gets easier to deal with the more you experience it,
but you know that this too will pass and things will get better again.

Heartbreak is part of growing up,
dealing with it is part of our humanity.

This too will pass.
This too will pass.
This too will pass.
This too will pass.
This too will pass.
This too will pass.

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