Saturday, May 16, 2015

Living life bravely....

It's two years today since the news broke that Kathleen died.
Kathleen was an inspirational blogger and crafter
and she left behind a legacy of living life to the fullest.

I have her book, Brave New Quilts and I made this quilt
while I was studying death and dying last year
because I wanted to think about what it means to leave a legacy.

This quilt now hangs in the darkest part of my house
just outside my bedroom door, a daily reminder to me to live life bravely.

Living life bravely is not a glamorous. 
Living life bravely is about getting up every single day
and living life to the best of your ability.

I really really hope that the legacy I leave for my children,
is one that inspires them to live life bravely too.

As I make decisions about my life and carry them out,
I hope they see that a little self respect goes a long long way.

I hope that they realise how important it is to be the absolute best
version of yourself that you can be
and to never accept anything less of yourself.

I want all of my kids to value hard work,
education and creativity.

I want them to find something bigger than themselves to believe in.
I want them to be kind to those that are hurting
but to be able to set personal boundaries to keep themselves safe.

As a parent I really want to inspire my kids by the way I live my life,

I'm living my life bravely
and I want them to do that too.