Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Keeping the faith in humanity...

I've been researching for an essay on investigative journalism this week,
which is gradually sapping my will to live.

There is nothing like trawling through endless articles
on all the death and mayhem in the world
to make you lose faith in humanity.

One of the things I like about studying Sociology
is that a lot of very clever people have wrestled with the problems
of the world and offered theories about this.

However even in spite of this, 
I have to say it is hard to see a cure for all the injustice
and inequality that is taking place right this very moment.

Part of me just wants to pretend it isn't happening.
We don't have tv in our home,
so it is fairly easy to ignore the problems in the world by just not following the news.

No matter how tempting it is to turn a blind eye,
I think that history teaches us thats the way to allowing
terrible things to continue happening to other people
(the Holocaust for example).

Having said that, there just seems to be so much stuff going on in the world
that I have no idea what one person can do,
or even a collective of individuals to make a difference. 

A Sociologist I admire, called Manuel Castells,
writes about Risk Society, where (as I understand it)
humanity needs to use the tools that we have
(such as global communication and technology)
to work together and effect real change and ensure a future for the planet.

I don't have any answers.
I'm not sure if it is enough to be raising children
who learn to respect those around them,
to be contributing humans and to follow their dreams.
I know that I can't really fix problems one quilt at a time,
(although I do try).

I guess the most important thing
if there is to be hope for the future is not to hide from the problems,
but to engage with them, to talk to each other about them,
so share those uncomfortable posts on Facebook
(last Sunday my feed was full of pictures of drowned children).

Because the minute we decide it is someone else's problem
then that's the moment we give up hope.


  1. beautiful words Deb, I wrote similarly this week on my faith blog. So much to do so hard to know how. Love your words and wisdom xxx

  2. I agree with you. The world seems to be in such a terrible mess one hardly dares watch the news. The fact that religion is usually at the bottom of these problems is such a great concern. However looking at your lovely bright quilts cheered me up.

  3. Thought provoking once again. Enjoying seeing your cheerful quilts.

  4. Beautifully put. It feels and looks utterly hopeless...I think not turning a blind eye is a good start to making a difference. xx

  5. Check out Blink Now, Central Asia Institute, and A Path Appears--there are people out there doing very good work to change the world, perhaps only a tiny part of all the problems but it is happening. If we can do nothing else we can support those who are doing it. The world has always been full of problems and inequalities, only we can change that.

  6. I just don't get how there can be so many people of good will and good cheer yet we seem to want to destroy all around us (including ourselves). I guess communication really is key and strength of will.

  7. You have expressed so well how I often feel.

    My immediate family has experienced too much heartbreak. It can make you strong but as I grow older and stuff goes on I find the world problems overwhelming.

    One solution we can all practice is to shine what little light we have in out small corner of the world.

    If that means lobbying our Govt to take more migrant/refugees then do it. If it means standing by your family through crisis and the aftermath then do it. If it means you can only cope with one thing at a time then be content in that.

    Sometime I wish I could live my life again and be where it counts. Then I remember I'm not dead yet and I also have brought up children who care and try to do their bit.

    Continue to being a creative person is a major goal.

    Knowing that God is a God of love, such love that he allows us freedom of choice is my security. Religion is frequently evil. A loving God is never so. It helps me to understand God's love by knowing the love I have for my own children..... which is wonderful but highly imperfect. I have put my trust in a loving God who sees all, and is omniscient. His wisdom gives me the courage to continue in a world that is often crazy.

    Your quilts are a good balance to the sociology course. Keep up both and be proud of your work.

    Blessings Anne.


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