Wednesday, September 16, 2015

You know that feeling when....

you are so tired that your eyes feel like they are full of sand
you have a million things to do but you just want to crawl into bed

the more you study a topic, it seems the less you know
the more words you write, the slower they come out

the end is in sight but you just want to give up

you looked forward to graduating for so long
but now you have to stress about getting a job

those feels?

feeling them today.


  1. Thats a lot of feels for one day xxx

  2. At the beginning of the journey the thought of graduating was but a lofty dream.... and here you are. Those feelings might come and go but your achievements cannot be taken away from you. Love you xx

  3. It probably doesn't help to say, "This too shall pass" so I won't say it. But I will say to breathe. Right now. Breathe. I hope a break comes soon and you will be able to sleep, sleep, sleep and rest.

  4. I know some of them. But so so proud of you. You are AMAZING x

  5. Yes - 100%. Tomorrow is a new day - hang in there xx


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