Saturday, December 26, 2015

culture shock

I had always planned to use the first day in New York to just figure it out,
to wander about the neighbourhood and work out what is what.

Today I walked about for the best part of five hours
and brought these items.

I drank two Starbucks coffees, ate a hot dog
 (first item off the list)
and a banana. 

It was much harder than you might think to find food to eat.
There are eating places EVERYWHERE
but they are all unfamiliar and so it is hard to know how to make a good decision. 

However I have learned some things today and that will make it heaps easier
for another day! For example, a pharmacy sells all sorts of things.
I found breakfast cereal, two toy cars for Reuben
and a phone cable there.

I have never seen so much pre-prepared food in my life.
And it seems all of it is sold by the pound.

How much is a pound anyway?
And how much is a pound of pizza?? It's anybodies guess.

However I did buy some delicious ribs for my dinner by the pound,
that is definitely a win.

This is a deli, we could call it a Dairy or a corner store.
They sell an amazing collection of junk food.

I've walked enough for today,
so I'm going to watch a movie on Netflix and have an early night.
Tomorrow I'm going to figure the mysteries of the subway.
Wish me luck.


  1. a pound is 454g. Have fun and goodluck chick xxx

  2. Wow, sounds awesome! I thought they had wireless hotspots in old phone booths?

  3. A pound (lb) is approximately 450gm. Enjoy your trip to NY. Perhaps you can discover why 'they named it twice'!

  4. I always think of a pound as a block of butter - it's not the same but it's close and it helps me visualise. Love you, enjoy, enjoy!! xx

  5. Eeeek! Nail that subway tomorrow! Xxx

  6. We had 2 hotdogs as were so disappointed by the first...the second was equally as average! �� got to be done though. We found a few nice places to eat. Tiny's in TriBeCa is a cute little place if you are over that way x

  7. Isn't it odd how it is similar but totally different at the same time? Most of the brands are different, the food is different, the cars come from the wrong directions... I usually end up getting food at Wholefoods (pricey but generally good!) because I know they carry the brands I can eat. Also you are in luck with the weather - 16C there today!

  8. your such a winger!!!!!!

  9. sorry I meant your a whinger!! I feel how lucky and how cool and amazing is that you are in NY but all alllllllllllll your posts do is go on makes me feel how ungrateful you are????

  10. I live in the neighborhood you must be staying in. I'd love to know where you are staying. I'd love to find an affordable place for my parents to stay when they visit.
    I think the finding a place to eat in a foreign country can be very stressful. But at least you speak the language here!


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