Saturday, December 19, 2015

what does love look like at my house....

In our house there is always room for one more at the table.
There is always washing on the sofa.
There is always a sofa for someone to sleep on and a quilt to sleep under.

 The fridge always has leftovers that can be raided.
Everyone knows where the towels are for a shower.
There is never enough chocolate, but there is always plenty of toast.

 We can whip up a chocolate self saucing pudding in no time.
Everyone who comes here has to help out.
There is always time for a cup of coffee and a chat.

 There is always dishes in the sink, and on the bench, and in the bedrooms.
Any reason is good enough to celebrate.
We don't judge, but we do offer advice and support.

There is always music of some sort playing.
There is no tv but there is plenty of conversation.
There are always flowers somewhere, sometimes they are alive.

 There is unlimited Internet (well there will be once it renews) and Netfix.
Everybody wears odd socks, actually everyone wears each others socks.
Everybody's friends are welcome here too.

I'm very proud of our home.
 I think this is what love looks like. 


  1. Awe, it's sounds stuffed full of love!

  2. What a welcoming home and all who inhibit it!

  3. Now that's what you call "home sweet home"

  4. Oh yes it does! This IS LOVE alright! Just beautiful, this home you've created. Like YOU xx

  5. A beautiful picture of your home, a total inspiration!

  6. This is so perfect---I want to spend the Holidays at your house! :D

  7. It's true too ... And that self saucing pudding is to die for ...

  8. Sounds perfect and exactly what a home should be. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a great time in New York!!!

  9. Chocolate self-saucing pudding.... drool. (Yes I could make it here but then I'd eat it all by myself and it should be shared!)

  10. This is exactly the house - home! - that I want to create too. It's definitely what love looks like to me.

  11. Your house sounds perfect enough. You are such an inspiration to me. Your kind heart shines for all to see. Merry Christmas.

  12. Definitely the vision of love :) Merry Christmas to you all - have a wonderful holiday season and a brilliant time in NYC!! xx

  13. Merry Christmas Deb. I aspire to live a more giving, generous life. We have had such a weird year here in our little family that I feel we have closed ourselves to everyone and anyone. I want to have a welcome and open front door that anyone who wants to can feel they can enter, and they'll get tea and conversation. I'm hoping I can make that happen in 2016.

    Enjoy your trip away!

  14. Lovely post, sounds a lot like our house too except for the bit about music and TV!


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