Thursday, January 7, 2016

Last day in New York City {things I've learned while I've been here}

1. I have zero sense of direction. This means that you get a lot of incidental exercise in your day. It's probably not a bad thing.

2. I can manage fine by myself but it would be awesome to share this experience with someone. This is where social media comes in so handy, because I can share my pictures online and people like them. I was alone, but not lonely.

3. Stairs are not my friend. 
4. Meeting people you "know" through social media is heartwarming and awesome. It has added so much to my America experience, to meet real Americans. Thank you my friends.

5. I'm not a tourist. I really couldn't make myself go and do the touristy things. I tried, but there was always too many people and the queues were killer. However I loved people watching, finding details in the architecture and just wandering about the city.

6. I can live on Starbucks.

7. New York cold is not the same as Christchurch cold. I wore my coat once and my thermals not at all. (Disclaimer: I realise that this is not normal. Maybe next time I'll see snow).

8. I don't mind crowds, but I hate it when you get trapped in the crowd.

9. I love the Subway, which is lucky as I spent so much time on it. (See point 1)
10. I enjoyed unstructured adventuring rather than planning each day in detail in advance.

New York has been amazing. Everything I dreamed and more. There really are yellow taxis and yellow school buses. There are fire hydrants and post boxes just like in my childhood storybooks. The buildings are amazing. The people are interesting. I feel like I've just spent my time absorbing it into my soul. I'll never forget this time, I'll be able to take out the memories for years to come, remember this place and its beauty. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have had to come here. It has completely changed my perspective on America. This is a good thing! I can't wait to bring my kids back one day and show them this place.

Lastly thank you to all of you who have commented both on the blog and on my Instagram feed. It's been awesome to have you all along with me!


  1. Loved reading your blogs. So happy you've had such a positive experience and survived! See you back in Chch. Love Natalie :)

  2. It's nybor5885 from ig. I just want to say thank you for including me on your trip! It was so much fun & if you ever want to experience the west coast let me know.😉

  3. I have so enjoyed all your blogposts and Instagram pictures. Mostly I'm thrilled that you had an enjoyable and happy trip. What a milestone in one's life it must be to travel unaccompanied halfway around the world to explore, observe and absorb. I believe people are basically the same everywhere, a lesson we learn with social media. But seeing it firsthand is incomparable! Have a safe journey home.

  4. Loved every blog. It felt like I travelled with you. Safe journey home x

  5. Deb
    Your photos and blog have been awesome to read - i have totally enjoyed reading about your adventures you're funny experiences - it's been a pleasure to have been a part of it.
    Safe travels back to NZ

  6. Wow, wow, wow Deb, I didn't realise you had gone to the States as I have been so uninterested in following blogs lately but having popped over to my blog and seeing you had put a post up I had to read it as I always do. I must say what a wonderful time it sounds like you have had right from the Pizza with your taxi man right through. You have been on such an adventure and on your own, my goodness your inner strength must have grown enormously. How brave you are and how proud of yourself you should be. I congratulate you for this journey Deb, amazing. xx

  7. I've wanted to go to New York for as long as I can remember ... thanks for bringing us on this adventure with you. I've loved every photo and will be dreaming of my trip, some day ... when the kiddies are a bit older. Safe travels home :)

  8. I understand hown you feel as my first weeks in London was exactly like that. All the images and using the Tube. I always remind myself that the world is all under one sky. Safe travels home.

  9. I understand hown you feel as my first weeks in London was exactly like that. All the images and using the Tube. I always remind myself that the world is all under one sky. Safe travels home.

  10. I too have immensely enjoyed "our" trip to're a brave amazing adventurous lady!

  11. Don't feel too bad about getting lost - a) adventures! and b) the sun is in the wrong part of the sky. It is amazing how it takes a while to adapt to sun in the south, therefore where the sun is is southish not northish.... But what a grand adventure! I'm happy for you getting to do it :-)

  12. It's been so exciting virtually sharing your trip - the stairs weren't in the least bit troublesome for me (from my Kiwi sofa!


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