Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Making mistakes is better than faking perfections....

One of the things I find hard about being a solo parent,
is the responsibility to make all the decisions for the family.

It's a really big deal,
to have to work out what is the best,
not just for little things, but for big things.

Frankly, I'm pretty worried about stuffing things up.

But then I have to tell myself,
what is the worst that can happen??
what is the important thing here??
what can I achieve if I change something??

The really really hard part is when you decide something
and then you get a whole lot of different opinions from people.
I mean getting advice is good and important,
but sometimes you have to make a decision
in spite of what other people think.

It's really really scary deciding to back yourself.
To say, I've done the research,
I've weighed the pros and the cons
and I've found a way forward.

The whole process is wearying to say the least.
Tomorrow I'm listing my house for sale.

I really really hope it is the right thing for our family.
I think this could be the scariest thing I've ever done by myself.

There have been a few secret tears.
I'm holding on by the skin of my teeth.


  1. good luck and here's to a speedy sale!

  2. Good luck, Deb! Trust your instincts!

  3. love you lady - I'm sure you are doing the best you can with the wisdom you have, as we all are but doing those big things on your own must be scary! Love you xxx From where I sit you make decisions big and small with love and care x

  4. there are far worse things in life than making your own decisions, theres being stuck in a relationship where theres no imput from your other half and everything is your fault ..been there

  5. Decisions are the hardest thing! My house is going up for sale this year as well! I hope you know where you want to live-I don't have a clue. Still the only way to go is forward.

  6. Deb, believe in yourself. No one knows your family like you do, so trust your instincts. You have uncommon good sense and you will land on your feet. And for what it's worth, you have lots of unmet friends cheering you on! Xoxoxox

  7. good luck Deb! Where are you going? do you need some help/helpers?

  8. Best of luck for a smooth sale process and sufficient money from it to take your family on the right path for you.

  9. I love your header line! Making mistakes also takes so much less inner emotional energy. Faking perfection just wears a person out. Plus keeping it real helps keep the mental process from becoming so fogged up. It's hard to keep track of the story line when it's not real. I applaud your bravery in making hard decisions. I'm new to your blog but your story and words resonate with me. A line that I read once (I think it was the title of a book) that has stuck with me is, "Just enough light for the step I'm on". So I say that to myself when the future seems so potentially dicey. "I have just enough light for the step I'm on" then in the next step I just say it again. At times it ended up being a misstep but I still gained by the experience and didn't walk away empty. I had some new perspective, new skills to make future decisions on. Praying for a future filled with new light for each of your days. Lydia


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