Sunday, February 7, 2016

Accidental Anglican

Last year I when I turned my life upside down
I realised that I needed a new place to attend church.
It's weird isn't it. You would think that because I grew up in a cult,
and because so many very bad things happened to me in a Church,
that I would think Church wasn't for me.
But actually my faith is an important part of who I am
and I'm not letting it go.

But also my faith has changed a lot over the years.
Thank goodness for that.
Today my faith is something that is at the core of who I am.
It is about how I think, how I act and how I love those around me.

It is not something I do.
It is something I am. 
I am deb.
I believe in something bigger than myself.
That belief, gives me a future and a hope.

So last year when I wanted a place where I felt safe
but where I could see faith in action, I ended up at St Marks Anglican.
I had gotten to know the vicar's wife.
And she is a real gem of a lady.
I thought, well Elizabeth is lovely (and non judgmental)
maybe it is safe to go there.

Turns out I love the Anglican style of worship.
I love how inclusive they are.
I love how non judgemental they are.
I love how it is not a performance.
It's just completely practical.

Ask for forgiveness.
Ask for help.
Declare your faith.
It's working for me.
That's how I became an accidental anglican.


  1. xxx I grew up within an Anglican family and the Anglican Church ... Sadly they aren't all like Elizabeth xxx bless Elizabeth and bless you ...

    1. Some of us are okay though !!!! I am very happy for you Deb xxx

  2. I can totally relate to this Deb! I grew up and was schooled in the Catholic Church - and still appreciate Catholic Ed enough to send my own child to a catholic school - those we've been blessed to experience do inclusiveness and compassion beautifully and like no other place I've ever found. But in terms of what I need now, it's the Anglican Church whose services I get so much more out of. even though they're so similar there's just a stronger element of reality in the Anglican Church. Unlike the fabulous women who ran the schools Noah and I attended, I find a lot about the catholic dogma out of touch. I'm so glad you've found your spiritual niche - it sounds just right xx

  3. Good to hear you have found a church where you feel comfortable, at home and welcomed. So important. I am a Methodist in the UK but when we are in NZ I belong to a Uniting Church. In both places I feel part of a family, loved and valued. So pleased that you have found your spiritual home too.

  4. Love it, I'm all about finding a place where it fits :-) xxx

  5. Yes. I just think you are super nifty. :)

  6. I love this blog post, it's so very personal but you make it ok to be you & to explore what you want. Go you Deb, you're an inspiration.

  7. We attend a Baptist Church and love how loving they are to us and each other. Love through action and genuine love for the community. We didn't attend Church for 6 years and whilst others found it hard to believe that we still had 'faith' it sure is wonderful belonging to our Church family.


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