Monday, February 1, 2016

The end of a {very long} era....

Tomorrow this sweet sweet child starts school
and marks the end of 22 1/2 years of my parenting of pre-schoolers.
I feel like I've been doing it forever,
you would think that I would be good at it by now wouldn't you?

The truth is, I regard it as a success that they are all still alive,
that they can dress themselves,
feed themselves (and others);
that they are {mostly} helpful, polite and fun to be around.

I've managed to keep them all in {mostly} clean clothes,
eat {fairly} healthy food; 
I've read stories, I've pushing swings,
I've mastered the art of bandaging every kind of wound.
I've been on more doctors visits that I can count.

I've said, I love you {almost} as many times as I've told them to wash their hands,
I've handed out {nearly} as many hugs as punishments.

I've been strong against the worst tantrum thrower ever
I've kept the thrill seeker alive.
I've dragged the anxious child with me on every kind of trip.
I've run a tight ship with military-like routines
for as long as I can remember.

I'm not even going to pretend that it's all been fun,
but there is something special about having a small person
who thinks that you are wonderful,
who hangs on every word you say
and wants to be as close to you as physically possible.

It's awesome to be able to fix all of their wee problems
and make all of their little dreams come true in some way or another.

So tomorrow I'll take Annie-Rose to school
to start the next stage of her journey.
I'm excited for her and I know that she will love it.

I think my eyes may leak a little.


  1. There surely will be some eye leaking, but you won't be alone. I too had four children and you think it would get easier to send them off to school, but it doesn't!

  2. Good job! As long as they feel love all the rest falls away

  3. Lots f changes in your world this year Deb. I am sure your eyes will leak a little tomorrow, mine always did.

  4. You are phenomenal xxx Loving you

  5. What a milestone. Well done, Deb. Hope Annie-Rose's first day at school went well.

  6. Beautiful post, very moving, gorgeous children and loving mummy :))
    Reminds me of so many memories (got 4 kids, too)... THANKS for sharing,Deb !

    In stitches,

  7. I remember taking the last of my four for his first day of Kindergarten. He, of course, the boy of unrelenting good cheer, happily bounded off to make a bunch of new friends and wow his teacher. I watched with a smile and very mixed feelings. The whole, wow where has the time gone! The dread of getting my night owl up and out the door and the I'm going to miss him hanging around watching 101 Dalmatians for the millionth time. Then, the gleeful I have the house all to myself! Woopee! Now he's a grownup Dad, where did the time go?

  8. You are wise to savor every moment. You have beautiful children, and that comes from being a beautiful mom. May you continue to enjoy the journey!


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