Thursday, September 1, 2016

On being a bad mum....

Last night my friend Linda and I went to the movie, Bad Moms.
We laughed and laughed.
It was great. I mean it's cheesy, but who cares,
it's funny as can be and really so relatable.

I can truly say I'm one of those bad mums.

I make my kids do chores, lots and lots of chores.
I make them use public transport.
I make them be accountable for their actions.
I don't drop their lunches to school
or do their homework for them.

We eat junk food sometimes,
and we often leave our dishes on the bench for tomorrow.
The rubbish always needs taking out 
and the laundry is never ever caught up.

Right now, I could feed a sheep or two from my back lawn
and I have not touched the gardens since we moved in to the house.
We have a massive bucket of odd socks hiding behind the chair in the lounge
and there are dead flowers in at least three vases in the house.
The empty toilet rolls are having a party behind the toilet
and there is currently laundry festering in both the washing machine
and the dryer.

The pantry is pretty bare, but we can usually find money for a frozen coke,
we eat a lot of frozen mixed veges while we wait for spring.
We have three cats and a dog who rule the house,
and two chickens who rule the garden.
You have to dodge the dog poo and chicken shit when you walk outside.
Except on Saturdays when Reuben cleans it up.

But I can honestly say that our home is happy.
We enjoy each others company (except for when we don't)
and we don't always get on each other's last nerve.

We have a lot of laughs (usually at our own expense)
and we truly don't sweat the small stuff.

I don't know what a good measure of a good mum is,
but I feel when my 14 year old tells me he loves me,
I must be doing at least something right!!!!


  1. REAL MUM, not bad at all, Happy Kids Happy life :)

  2. Spot on! Just what my life was until they grew up! I miss it!

  3. Totally relate to this!! I can tick off all of the above....just add in duck poop too and the odd abandoned duck egg in the yard...hehe

  4. Hi, Deb!

    First of all I am so very grateful for your nice comments about my country,
    USA, and when you went to the Walmart (near Beacon), was it the Fishkill one?
    Just curious, since I was there a few hours ago, and it just seems so unusual to read a blog from someone in New Zealand who went shopping in
    my area!
    Second - you have such a neat quilt on your September 2nd, 2015 blog post of a huge star quilt in grays/red/green hanging on the side of a building.
    Could you tell me what pattern that is? It's very striking.
    Anyway, I am enjoying your blog. And, yep, New York does have a lot of trees!

  5. I am a big believer in letting kids make mistakes. My daughter has been doing Highland dancing since she was small and whenever we went to a competition there would always be one child and the inevitable breakdown because her *mother* forgot a piece of her costume. I made a vow to ever be responsible for her dance gear. I printed out a list of everything she could possibly need and gave it to her. It was "her" responsibility, not mine. She only ever forgot something once in all the years she danced.
    Same went for my son. They didn't even bother calling me if they forgot homework or their lunches. The only time I brought something to the school was when he was writing his grade 12 final maths exam. His calculator! I brought it but I wore my pajamas. :-)

  6. I hear ya. my list reads just like yours.
    But somehow I think we are doing OK


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