Monday, September 12, 2016

Searching for happiness.

Sometimes I feel like happiness is an elusive thing.
Something just around the next corner
or once the next hurdle is past.

But I'm starting to realise that happiness comes in all sorts of guises.
Happiness is trying something new.

Happiness is someone who listens when you say you love flowers
and buys you some.

Happiness is spring sunshine
and winter coats left hanging in the garage.

Happiness is wearing a pretty necklace on a difficult day.

Happiness is just there, it is about not worrying about what might be
and just enjoying what is, right now. 

Well that's what I think anyway.
I'm happy. How about you?


  1. happiness is elusive and mysterious and not always definable, it is different for every person, so glad you are seeing things and actions that bring that feeling to you!!!

  2. I think so many people confuse perfection with happiness. Happiness can come from the perfectly imperfect! What a beautiful post Deb xx

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  5. Happiness can be the small things, like today getting to cut out some little t-shirts for a birthday present despite my youngest having the gastro bug. The fact that he ate some dinner also made me happy; little things.

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