Monday, February 20, 2017

Dear Reuben {15 year old, Ex-Champion Centre kid and all round good bloke}

Dear Reuben,
Happy Birthday Son. I cannot quite believe you are fifteen years old. It seems such a milestone. I wish wish wish I could have seen how amazing you would turn out when you were just a little tike. I love how you are so funny and kind and PASSIONATE about stuff. I love how you give great hugs and the finger in equal quantities. 

You hopefully don't remember this, but your first few years were pretty darn rocky. I told the doctor when you were six weeks old that you were either blind or deaf. He thought you were deaf but maybe you just didn't give a f*** to what I was saying. Who knows. You can hear perfectly when it comes to dinner time, handing out money and bad jokes.

You weren't that keen on hugs then. In fact you cried for the first three years of your life. No joke that was. I have hearing loss, yes this is why I am actually old and deaf. Thanks son. Luckily you grew out of that one or you might not be here to put me in my place.

You and I, we worked so hard for a few years there. We did A LOT of stuff together, stuff that you didn't think was fun, but your therapist thought was important. Remember the Champion Centre? those guys changed your future for you. Helped you find the way back from the screaming little runt that you had been. 

You were not that keen on talking in those days (thats an understatement) but man you make up for it now. I must remember that when you are rabbiting on, I actually worked so jolly hard to encourage you to talk. hahaha. There's a load of stories I could tell, you can ask me about it if you want to sometime. 

Anyway I just wanted to tell you that if I could have seen how you would be at fifteen, I would have been so encouraged. You have turned out more than all my wildest dreams. You are a great kid with tonnes of real potential. You are probably going to say a lot of very rude (non dad approved) words when you read this, but you know son, sometimes it is really good to stop for a minute and look back and go, wow! I've come so far. I want to acknowledge this for you today.

You have come far. You have a fine future ahead of you, doing goodness knows what. Yes you have a few challenges, I won't lie, but I have high hopes that you are going to be a strong, independent, happy, functioning member of society. (No, Playstation is not a career) So Happy Birthday Reuben. You are a great son, a great friend and an all round good man. 

Love mum xox


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