Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Seeing the World through Tom's eyes....

One of the main motivations to getting a qualification was that I wanted to find a place where I worked in a team. I wanted to be a small piece of something bigger, not the person in charge (I've done that, it sucked). I've been working at Big Boy Websites for quite a while now. One of the things that I hadn't realised is that not only do you have people to work with, you end up with a whole new family to share life with.

I spend more time with my work family, than I do with my relatives (well apart from James who clearly fits in both camps, lol). Its been so great to start getting to know a whole bunch of people who are all from different background and with different skills and different perspectives on the world.

I share a space with Tom. Tom has been a bigwig business owner and knows everything there is to know about business. At first I felt like he was slumming it with us here in our start up company, but I soon found out that Tom is not like that. Tom does know heaps about stuff, but he doesn't shove it in your face, he just kinda comes alongside you and dispenses his knowledge in a way that doesn't make you feel less of a person.

One of the things I really like about Tom, is that he makes no bones about the fact we are here to make sales. Coming from a background where being rich was frowned on, it is super refreshing to acknowledge that we are all trying to earn an honest dollar. I mean there isn't anyone in the Big Boy Websites making pots loads of money, but it does give perspective to what we do.

It's great to work alongside someone who might drive a fancy fancy car and might have a grocery budget bigger than your household budget, but someone who still values you for your skills rather than your status. It's also great to work along side someone with a great sense of humour and a different view of the world. It kind of makes you look at things through their eyes sometimes and really get a different way of making sense of the world.

I think it is worth every single one of those all nighters, all those weekends spent reading, all of those essays and assignments; it is worth all of the stress to get that degree to not just have a qualification -but a whole new bunch of people to do life with. All of that short term pain has been worth the gain of being a small part of a team. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat for this opportunity.


  1. Nawww thats lovely.... Tom is a treasure i agree and together the whole BBW team can shine like a shiny thing!! Yay for real people in real business. It's a pleasure to smash goals with ya work family

  2. Is that David Brent from the Slough branch?

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  4. Short term pain - long term gain. SO glad you did the work of getting a degree and proving to yourself you are competent, clever and capable. Inspirational Deb x


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