Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Embracing the Sparkle this Christmas

In the last week of November Annie was keen as mustard to get our tree up.
So we dragged out the tree and the decorations and set up the tree.
To be honest we ran out of steam after the tree was up
so we put the decorations in a basket and every time we walk past
we hang a couple of decorations up.

While she was doing that I googled saying about Christmas to put something
on our letter board and came across this saying:
Christmas is too sparkly, said no one ever.

I liked it. I thought it was an attitude that I could embrace.
Because Christmas can be hard work,
you are busy finishing work, making gifts,
attending end of school things etc etc.

But I thought, what if I just embrace it and enjoy the sparkle.

And so on the whole we have. We put out all the Christmas quilts
and I hung as much Christmas bunting as my house could stand.
We have decorated a bit and we have Christmas lilies making the house smell amazing.

We have said yes to things that we could do, 
and enjoyed those.
(We said no to some things too and that was ok)

It's a busy time of the year and we can't change that.
But we can take time to visit a friend for a drink and to admire their lights.
We can wear our prettiest dress and go and sing carols at school.
We can admire the decorations all around
and we can enjoy the excitement of the approaching holidays.

The advent calendar is still empty, but no one seems to mind,
it doesn't all have to be perfect.

The important thing is to enjoy the sparkly bits
and not stress about making it perfect.

After all a bit of glitter hides a lot of imperfections.

So have a sparkly Christmas folks,
and a restful holiday wherever you are.

Here's to 2018.


  1. A sparkly Christmas to you and you and yours as well.

  2. sprinkling and sparkly Christmas to you also!

  3. right back at you beautiful friend xx

  4. Happy Christmas to you! I love your nativity! I've not seen one like that, but I really adore it.

  5. Love this post Deb - I too often find it hard to get excited about Xmas but have peered back heaps this Christmas and have decided to make it all about the people I am blessed to know and be with. No Xmas cards this time - probably lost a few friends there....!! Merry sparkly Christmas you fun, positive lady!


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