Monday, January 15, 2018

I was debating whether I would keep blogging this year....

(some negative feedback I got last year is still rolling around in my head)
but I figure if I can learn from the feedback then maybe it's ok
if I keep on writing here in this space.

I mean, nobody actually has to read it and I like writing it,
so that's ok I think.

So here I am in 2018, still blabbing on about stuff.
You can read it or you can not. I'm not offended either way. Deal?

I have high expectations for 2018. 
Let's face it, 2017 set the bar verrrrrry low
so things can just get better from here.

Anyway I've decided that 2018 is the year that I finally get fit and healthy.
I signed up for a year of Weight Watchers 
and I've actually been moving my body a bit.
I'm determined not to be Fat and 50, so I'm going to do this.

We added two kittens and two baby bunnies to our family over Christmas
and we spent the holidays watching them and having belly laughs 
at their antics.

Everyone needs a pet which makes you laugh.

I sewed a ridiculous amount over the holidays (especially when I was home alone)
and now my sewing table is clean and tidy and also my head is too.
I'm planning on another epic project hopefully ending in either an
exhibition or a book or both. But it is great to clear some space to think
about these things. I'll keep you posted if you are interested.
{insert crickets chirping}

In other news I've been loving working in our garden with Annie.
We've eaten lots of cucumbers and courgettes, lettuce and silverbeet.
That combined with the eggs from our chickens, means that we have eaten some
delicious home grown dinners this summer.

So here's to 2018. Starting with hope for good things.


  1. Oh, please keep blogging Deb. I LOVE your blog and out of the hundreds that I follow, yours is basically the only one that I click thru to & read. sorry that I don't comment often enough but I comment in my head & sometimes it doesn't make it to the keyboard.
    Negativity sux but we can't please everyone but the main thing is to please yourself and if blogging makes you happy then blog!

  2. Sounds like a great beginning to the new year! I particularly love your new fur friends, very cute.

  3. Sounds like a good start to 2018!
    I like reading your blog, with your struggles and triumphs. It is very real to me.

  4. great post! A book and ab exhibition.......yippie! Happy bloggy year to you. xx

  5. I for one love reading your blog - you have a writing voice that is all your own, so don't let anyone tell you have to change anything.

    And hearing about book/exhibition plans sounds really exciting!

  6. It’s your blog, so you can do what you want! If people don’t like it, they can read something else. I love the way you set your blog out with your pictures. It’s like a breath of fresh air in blog land. Keep blogging and have fun! Enjoy 2018 and beyond! X

  7. I have just found your blog and spent ages reading backwards over it. I would so like to encourage you to keep blogging, your words and photos are so lovely. For sure, this is going to be a good year for you! Give yourself a hug.

  8. 2018 is going to be a great Year! So keep writing, those that don't like it - don't read it.
    Maybe you could give me some lessons on this blogging stuff?

    You should be happy, as a new friend I found you inspiring, talented & fun and my goal this year as your friend to support you & hopefully see more of you.
    Want to come to Zumba? There is a great one at Rolleston and I thought I would come out for the sunday evening class sometime soon. What do you think?
    I think it would make a great blogg subject!

  9. Please keep on blogging. I enjoy your writing style and your photos. I'm looking forward to seeing how your year rolls out.
    Kind regards

  10. Definitely keep blogging!


    Decision made. ;-)

  11. No doubt about it Deb - you need to keep this going, if not for yourself then for those of us who aren't brave enough to write our own blogs :-)
    Love reading these - you keep it all real X

  12. I am glad you decided to keep blogging Deb. Blogosphere wouldn't be the same without you and your honest, brave and beautiful words.

  13. I agree, keep blogging. It's a great record. As others have said, your writing style is a joy to read. I like Samuel Smiles:"Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey towards it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us." Happy 2018, may hope always brighten your path. Blessings Gayle

  14. I'm not always commenting, but I have been here reading for a long time. I find your real-ness very refreshing and I do hope that you continue blogging. If people don't like what you have to say, then they can just move along and read something else.

  15. Hello Deb. I have been following you through Instagram & now have found your blog! How wonderful ... please do keep blogging! I love your style. Happy bright shiny New Year to you. Julie :-)

  16. Keep going hun, its a pleasure to see sunshine and quilts in the bleak UK midwinter . This year has to be better doesnt it ?

  17. Keep going -I love your posts, always good to see someone keeping it real and not glossing over life.
    Happy New Year - may it be a good one.

  18. So pleased to hear you will continue to blog this year. I would miss your wisdom, humor and honesty. I very much enjoy reading your blogs. I wish you the best in 2018!

  19. I'm another one who reads your blogs and rarely comments. I'm also guilty of neglecting my own blog. Keep sharing please. Wishing you a much better 2018 I'm hoping this year will be much better for me too. xx

  20. Hello there Deb. I’ve just happened upon you after a meander down the IG rabbit hole - which seems highly appropriate 😆 I’ve enjoyed a lovely few minutes browsing your feed, and now reading your post. It might be a bit odd, but I’m a bit put out that you’re not just down the road, available for quiet cups of tea in the good china and a few chuckles over kids, furry friends, crafting, gardening, aspirations, cooking, writing....... Bless you for picking up your pen again and risking censure. We MUST write if it’s in our DNA. Since social media my writing has mostly been like this - responding to others, or commenting on a social situation, and also sharing my own experiences via first FB and now IG. Blogging has been a mostly secret aspiration, book writing for ever. Never done either. But - it’s bloody high time I did at 61. Also, love your aim to not be a fat 50 year old 💕. I didn’t achieve that goal, sadly, with heaps of health repercussions, but am now an (almost) skinny 61 😂 It’s good. It was very, very hard.
    If you feel to connect please do. I’m @craftyyellowbird on IG. I’ve begun following you.
    In sisterhood, Dassana

  21. I'm glad you decided too keep going, I love reading your blog 😊


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