Sunday, September 23, 2018

Snippets from my life as a #socialworkstudent

My life has narrowed down to three main things.
These three things are my focus.

I can hardly recognise this version of myself.
A version of myself that is happy to study in every spare minute.
And quite a few that aren't!

A version of myself where textbooks jostle for space at the end of my bed.
A version of myself that always has a journal article in my bag.
A version of myself that is working so hard on a long term goal.

There's lots of time for Annie to snuggle up with me.
She does her thing while I do my thing.
Reuben actually likes me being home.
He always knows where I am if he wants a chat.
We make the most of opportunities for fun times.
We eat a lot of chocolate self-saucing pudding to celebrate small things.

Sometimes I worry that I'll regret spending this time studying
when I could be maybe doing something else.
But honestly I'm still doing all the important things,
just less time doing things that aren't important.
And not worrying about the rest.

I might not be around so much in this space.
And in my day to day life too.
Because I'm transforming my life
one essay at a time.


  1. I just re-read your last post, in July. You can give yourself a pat on the back (and an extra helping of self-saucing pudding). It sounds like you've found a good groove and it's working. Go Deb!

  2. Good on you. I am seriously thinking of going back to Uni to change careers, to work in an area that interests me more than office administration (I am SO bored). I am also looking at Social Work, I need to research it more first.

    Keep working hard, it will all be worth it. Cat xox


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