Monday, March 30, 2020

Adapting to a new normal: finding a rhythm!

 I'm sure everyone is managing this weird situation differently but here in Whare iti, we are finding our rhythm. We tried a pyjama day on Sunday, but it didn't really suit us. We are finding shape to our days in a fairly relaxed but productive way. We wrote out a bit of a time table but it's very flexible.

 But there are some definite markers to our days. We get dressed by 9 am every day and take a photo of ourselves for Instagram. That's just a fun thing that makes us feel better about the day and gets us set up well for the rest of the day. Turns out, we just don't feel like ourselves in our pjs!

There's some maths (we are currently practicing the times tables), some drawing. A listen to Miriam read from C.S. Lewis. There's handwork, drawing and reading. And of course there's chores.

Our little old cottage is full of draughts (we knew it would be). But because we cannot hang all the curtains it's probably a bit colder than we expected. Anyway, Annie is in charge of bringing in firewood and is learning to light the fire. Good life skills I think to be kept warm.

I've been making us tasty and health meals. So many meals. With us home all the time, there's no let up. And no popping down to the shops for something you forgot. My top tip so far is to substitute milk power for milk in everything except hot drinks. It's working great for us.

The old cell phone has become a lifeline. Most days, Chrissy and I spend a good chunk of time doing our chores while we chat to each other. Turns out when you are home all day, there's a lot more chores, who knew?? Sheesh. How did we ever have time to go to work??

Annie, Chrissy and I are addicted to watching Bon Appetit on YouTube. Tonights soup in the slow cooker is a direct result of watching Clare make Chicken Soup. It's great to be inspired to make different things in a time when cooking could Very Quickly become a drudgery!! Already I cannot wait to eat hot chips from the local Fish and Chip shop with some Watties Tomato Sauce.

Right I'm just off to stir the orange skin from our daily orange that I'm trying to turn into candied peel for our future hot cross buns, take the dry laundry off the line and then hopefully a quick walk of the dog before we finish making our soup for dinner. I'm absolutely loving having time to run my household properly!

How ever you are filling your days, I hope it's going smoothly for you and that you find some kind of rhythm. Love to you all xoxox


  1. Love reading your blog, we are on the other side of the world in the UK but our days are very similar to yours -schoolwork, crafts, cooking and chores.

  2. So pleased you have recharged your blog, I have learnt so much from you over the years. We have met when I worked at 'Stitch' and we have a number of mutual acquaintances which isn't unusual when you live in Christchurch. I follow you on Instagram and love how create pretty vignettes with your treasures. Blessings on you you and Annie as you settle into your 'new' cottage.

  3. I'm glad that you're writing your blog again Deb. I've always liked reading it :)

  4. Oh it is lovely to see your blog is blogging again and that you are finding your feet in these strange times. I would love to follow you on The Instagram and see your daily photos, but of course you may have a private account, I ask because I am not always quite sure how to drive The Instagram and find people!!


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