Saturday, March 28, 2020

Adapting to a new normal: living in our bubble!

Last night I was searching through the blog of my friend Stella for a photo of her that I remembered from the past. As I scrolled back through all the pages, I was reminded of all the good things about blogging and inspired to pick up my camera again and start writing! I've missed the regular arranging the words on the page and reflecting on things. It seemed fortuitous in these strange days to maybe dust off my old blog and start writing again.

Like a lot of you, we are in complete lockdown here. Annie and I are in a bubble with our two cats and Kenny the terrier. For now Annie and I have been using our time to unpack and organise our things. Room by room, we have cleaned, got rid of rubbish, unpacked the boxes, hung pictures and arranged furniture. It's so lovely to walk around our house now and see it all organised.

We have lots of resources to keep us busy while we are in lockdown. Annie got a whole pile of books out of the school library and rescued her handwork from school. While we were unpacking, we also found her pompom, her patchwork, some paints and some extra knitting.

 I'm sure we will get tired of being in our bubble, but for now we are warm and cosy; we have lots of things to do and we are enjoying each other's company. We are also finally catching up on Australian Masterchef (which finished months ago!)

Today is Sunday and we have declared it a rest day. We are still in our pjs at 3.30 in the afternoon. Annie has sorted the very last box of her things that needed unpacking and I have been practicing with a weaving loom. We are grateful for flannelette pyjamas, a kettle that boils on the fire and a lent-to-us TV that we can enjoy our shows on.

How are you going where you are?? 


  1. Good to see you again Deb! We're comfy in our nest here too, the boys would spend all their time on electronics if they could, but we're still insisting they do chores to earn those and some school work too; even if it is the holidays now. Stay well.

  2. So cool to dust off the old blog - I love it. I hope to join you with the blogging sooooon...

  3. nice to see you back ...UK is equally lockdowned , in a sort of half hearted way , we live in a tourist area which would just be getting busy now , instead we have peace and quiet and an endless stream of joggers and singular sports cyclists


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