Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Adapting to a new normal: getting outside!

 Today we slept in, stayed in bed late and just generally couldn't be bothered. But you know, in the usual scheme of things we would still have to go off to work and school. Today we basically swapped our night pjs for day pjs (aka the comfiest clothes we own) and then went outside to sit on our verandah and have a hot drink and listen to Miriam read from C S Lewis.

With no desire to go inside and do our jobs, I told Annie she could have a day off school work and instead we filled our pots with flowers from Awapuni Nurseries (with some emergency potting mix that someone kindly dropped off for us).

Annie took her precious strawberry plants out of this old pot and planted them in the garden and we filled that with flowers too. We had four mixed bundles from Awapuni Nurseries and we filled every pot that we had. Once they reopen for purchasing, I fully plan to get more flowers from them.

 I'm so so so glad that the last weekend before lockdown that I hired a rotary hoe and with a lot of help from our neighbour rotary hoed the whole front garden. If we hadn't done that, we would not have been able to get this garden going.

The first lot of seedlings that I brought are already doing well. We have lots of parsley, celery, silverbeet and chives in the garden and we have 25 kale waiting to be planted (Annie is going to plant them in the shape of her name). We have 8 bundles of veges coming this week in the very last shipment from Awapuni nurseries to the South Island (so glad I ordered those).

I have to say that just being outside in the garden made us feel heaps better. I also feel better knowing that I'm working on our food security. I wish I could have done it sooner, but hey we only just moved in here really.

And then we did actually get all the laundry hung out just before dinner and all of the dishes washed and a decent dinner cooked. Now we sitting in front of the fire watching tv and tomorrow is another day. 

Can I just say though, even if you don't have a garden, just being outside in the sunshine does make you feel better. For what it's worth, I recommend it. 

Love to you all xoxoxox


  1. Yes - I'm not a gardener at all but I'm hankering for some good food plants. I love that Annie is going to plant her name in kale - what a great person she is. x

  2. We've been doing a massive house reno and my garden was destroyed and is still a big pile of dirt. Now we are on lock down, I'm moving a bit of dirt every few days and tidying stuff up a bit. I still might get to plant stuff for this summer but I'll have to order seeds.
    It is good to get out in the sun. Helps the mood immensely.


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