Monday, April 13, 2020

Adapting to our new normal: social distancing

A few weeks ago I saw someone on Instagram use the term "social distancing".
I think it was the first time I heard the term.
Now it is just part of our language, the same as living in our bubble
and washing our hands.

We have been living in our bubble for two and a half weeks now.
I don't mind at all the staying home part.
After all we had just moved house and it's been amazing to sort the house out
and get the vegetable garden underway.

But it is hard not to be able to hug anyone. 
To not be able to hang out with your friends and family,
have dinner together or catch up for a drink.

The child of mine formerly known as the Resident Teen is living in someone else's bubble.
He seems happy there and I think he is adjusting to having to be home all the time
(I think there are a few trips to the local dairy)
As a kid who is very comfortable hanging out on the streets with his friends,
this is a big adjustment.

Every single day, Annie and I have lit a tea light candle for him.
It burns for about three hours wherever we are,
sometimes in the kitchen and sometimes in the living room.

It's just a way for us to hold him in our hearts. 
To say a prayer for protection for him
and for him to make good choices as he goes about his day.

It makes us feel connected to him in a time when we can't just message him
and invite him for a feed of Mcdonalds.

He made the candle holder at school a few years ago.
It has the words "she laughs without fear of the future" engraved by him on the side.
Seems very appropriate.

We used one of our special advent candles from Christmas for Easter Sunday.
That burnt for a lot longer.

Even when the lockdown level goes down to three,
i feel like social distancing is going to be part of our lives for a while to come.

But as long as we all get out of this alive,
then we are doing the right thing.

Stay safe friends xox

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